TKO (Knee & Punches)
      Herman looked awful in this fight. He looked tired as soon as the fight started, he was slow, clunky, and he was just walking face first into punches from Cummins. Herman's only gameplan was to catch kicks and then throw a single punch back. Cummins took him down with 2 minutes left in the round. Cummins knocked Herman's mouthpiece out, the referee stopped the fight to put it back in, giving Herman a second to recover, and then when the fight started back up, Herman landed a knee, wobbled Cummins, and then finished him off with some punches. Soooo... Congrats to Herman for the win, but he looked awful in this fight. He broke a 3 fight losing streak, and Cummins is now on a 3 fight losing streak of his own.
Decision (Split)
      These guys both fight like old men. Herman is 38, and Villante is 33. They both landed some big shots, and they both looked too slow to really defend against anything. Villante blasted Herman with some big shots with 90 seconds left in the round, and it looked like Herman was on his way out, but Villante wasn't able to finish him, so they reset and went back to trading big slow punches. I scored the first round for Villante, but it was a close round.
     They continued with their dad bod boxing match for the duration of the second round. This fight is slow as shit. I thought Villante won most of the exchanges in the second round, but apparently most people gave the round to Herman for some reason, so... I don't know... The fight is probably all tied up going into the final round, but I personally have the fight scored 20-18 in favor of Villante at this point. I'll be curious to see if either fighter has any gas in the third round.
     This fight has been kind of terrible. Villante's face is all fucked up, but I thought he won all 3 rounds, as far as "forward movement, and landing the better strikes" is concerned, but his face was clearly wearing more damage, so... I have no idea what to expect from the scorecards after this one. The judges were split, and gave the decision to Gian Villante.
      Herman started this fight with a massive right hand that rocked Dollaway, but then he clinched, and Dollaway beat him up with some big knees to the body, and then Dollaway threw Herman to the ground, and worked some ground & pound, while Herman tried to find an armbar from his guard. Dollaway continued to grind all over Herman, while Herman tried to figure out a way to get back to his feet. Dollaway cranked on a Kimura while sitting on Herman's face with around 90 seconds left in the round, but that didn't work out, so Herman was able to use that moment to sort of scramble to his knees, but Dollaway did a good job keeping top control, while pressing Herman against the fence. Herman stood up with 30 seconds left in the round, but Dollaway just took him back down again. Round one clearly goes to Dollaway.
     Dollaway threw an early head kick to start the second round, and then Herman dropped him with a big right hand, but Dollaway stood back up and they reset one minute into the round. They traded a few more sloppy strikes, and then Herman dropped Dollaway again with some wild punches. He then jumped down into half mount, and continued to grind on Dollaway for a while. Dollaway cranked on a random heel hook, but Herman was somehow able to scramble free, and then he pinned Dollaway again, for some more ground & pound. Herman finished the round by chopping up Dollaway's face with some hard elbows. Round two clearly goes to Herman, and I have this fight all tied up going into the final round.
     Dollaway started the final round with a quick takedown, and Herman caught him in a loose guillotine choke. Herman cranked on a Kimura, and used that to sweep Dollaway, but Dollaway somehow held onto top position, resecuring half mount after basically doing a flip. Dollaway then tried to setup a Kimura of his own, but gave up on that, in favor of dropping some elbows on Herman's jaw. Dollaway spent the rest of the round beating the shit out of Herman with brutal elbows. Herman dropped back with one final submission attempt (kneebar) with 30 seconds left in the fight, but that didn't work out, so Dollaway should coast on to a solid 29-28 decision. All 3 judges agreed, giving Dollaway his first win in 3 years.
KO (Head Kick)
      Krylov spent the first round chewing up Herman with hard kicks, and some fast punch combinations. They clinched a minute into the round, with Krylov pressing Herman against the fence, but that didn't really go anywhere. They split up, and Krylov continued to pick apart Herman with his rangey strikes. Herman landed some nice punches, and then took Krylov to the ground, landing inside his guard. Krylov threw Herman off of him, stood back up, and then destroyed Herman with some punches, kicks & knees against the fence. Herman was looking seriously hurt in the final 90 seconds of the round. He tried to lash out with some strikes, but Krylov was beating him up at a pretty good pace. Round one clearly goes to Krylov. The second round started with a few exchanges, and then Krylov balsted Herman with a spinning backfist, Herman returned fire with some punches and a knee, and then Krylov kicked Herman in the head, and he face planted, 100% unconscious. I love this dude! Krylov is the #2 Light Heavyweight in the world right now in my opinion. I still need to see him fight some higher level competition, but nobody else at 205 has a 5-Fight winning streak right now, other than Jon Jones and Liam McGeary over in Bellator. I'm not saying I want to see him fight for a title necessarily, but I WOULD like to see him fight someone like Ilir Latifi, or Misha Cirkunov next.
KO (Knee)
      Ummm... Herman looked like he was tired in the first round. Not like he got winded, but like he just woke up, and wasn't sure where he was when he got in the cage. Boetsch on the other hand, was looking somewhat gassed by the end of the first round. Herman was working some slick dirty boxing, and Boetsch was blasting him with some big shots that rocked Herman a little bit. In the end, I'm calling the first round a draw. The second round started up, with the same basic setup, Boetsch trying to land big punches, and Herman trying to work his dirty boxing from the clinch. Herman eventually clinched, BLASTED Boetsch with a massive knee to the chin, and Boetsch collapsed immediately, and Herman punched him a couple of times before the referee was able to stop him. GREAT win for Ed Herman.
TKO (Punches)
      Wow, that was a nice quick fight. Herman got punched in the face, and then he got punched in the face again, wobbled backwards and Brunson finished him off with another 12 or so punches in the next 2-3 seconds. So yeah, Ed Herman got his ass kicked, and Brunson got a fast quick win.
      This was a pretty decent fight, Natal ended up bloody, there was a lot of cage clinching, there were strikes thrown, it was sort of an ugly brawl, and in the end, I gave the fight to Herman, 29-28, and for the most part, the judges agreed, giving him the unanimous decision victory after a decent 15 minute brawl.
      This was a pretty lopsided victory as well. Thales Leites showed that his grappling skills are FAR superior, compared to Ed Herman. Ed Herman literally spent NO TIME in this fight, in the dominant position on the ground, and since the majority of the fight took place on the ground, with Leites making Herman look like he had never even heard of Jiu-Jitsu before, it's pretty clear that Leites won this fight.
Decision (Split)
      Yeah! Good fight! This was one hell of a brawl, where both guys threw heavy hands the entire fight, both guys got rocked numerous times, and both guys showed that their chins are made of steel. This was a straight up brawl, for 15 minutes. Pretty awesome fight, the only thing missing was a finish. It's worth noting that the judging was all over the place. 30-27 Herman, 30-27 Smith, 29-28 Herman. I agree it was closed, but I gave it to Herman as well, so glad he got the win.
Submission (Kimura)
      This fight was kind of a bum fight. Souza took Herman to the ground, Herman showed some solid Jiu-Jitsu skills, Herman threw some questionable upkicks, Jacare cried about it for a minute or so, the referee slowly stopped the fight to warn Herman. Eventually the got back to fighting, Jacare slammed Herman on the ground, locked on a kimura, and that's all she wrote. This was sort of one of those "referee fail" fights.
      Wow, speaking of boring grappling matches, like the Yushin Okami fight earlier, here we are again with another Jake Shields victory. I thought he was supposed to make an impression in his 185 pound UFC debut!?! This was a really close fight, and I was cheering for Herman for most of the fight, but I'm not surprised the decision went to Shields. I AM however, surprised that two of the judges gave all 3 rounds to Shields. The first round should have gone to Herman in my opinion, but who cares, boring fight.
Submission (Rear-Naked Choke)
      This was a pretty boring fight to start the night with. I don't know who Clifford Starks is, and I don't want to see him fight again. Ed Herman, I've always "sort of" liked, but he seemed like his cardio was pretty poor during this fight, and I didn't think he'd make it much past the second round, luckily, he didn't have to, because he choked out Starks about halfway through round two.
Submission (Inverted Heel Hook)
      This fight was an INSANE grappling match! Noke started with his usual kicks and punches, but then he tried to take Herman to the ground, and Herman countered it in midair, ending up on top. From that point forward, Herman unleashed a high level Jiu-Jitsu clinic on Noke, transitioning from armbars, to leg locks, to fuck yo momma locks, to all kinds of bone breaking maneuvers, until eventually he locked on an INSANE heel hook, that ripped Noke's leg apart. Ed Herman looked fucking brutal in this fight, I never realized how badass his grappling skills are.
TKO (Punches)
      For a fight that was over in less than a minute, this really wasn't that exciting of a fight. There was an awkward clinch, they both looked sloppy, Herman started throwing some short uppercuts from the inside, Credeur fell to the ground, Herman followed up with some punches that bounced Credeur's head off the canvas, and the referee stopped it. I'm not really sure if this was a good stoppage or not? All I know is, Herman wins, and I wasn't really THAT impressed with either fighter tonight.
TKO (Knee Injury)
      Damn, Aaron Simpson is pretty legit! He was apparently one of the wrestling coaches at ASU, and it showed in this fight, his wrestling skills were really solid, he even picked Herman up over his head at one point and slammed him to the ground. Another takedown in the first round also injured Herman's knee. Simpson also showed some really solid striking skills. With that being said, the fight should have been stopped after the first round due to the leg injury, but Herman decided to continue. The second round started, Herman threw a kick, Simpson caught it & punched him, and Herman's leg gave out on him. Herman is a "stud" (quoting Simpson) for coming out with that leg injury, but yeah, it should have been stopped sooner. Excellent show by both fighters.
      This fight was pretty crazy. Loiseau's entire gameplan was spinning back kicks, and crazy flying elbows, and he rocked Herman in the third round, but other than those few spectacular moments, Herman pretty much dominated this fight by taking Loiseau to the ground, beating the shit out of him with punches, and knees to the body. Ed Herman looked great in this fight, and Loiseau's return was a bit of a disappointing moment for fans of his.
Decision (Split)
      This fight was pretty good. To break it down into a simple summary, Alan Belcher won the fight due to his striking skills while standing, and Ed Herman nearly won the fight due to his takedowns & decent submission offense. In the end, I BASICALLY scored it a draw, it could have gone either way, and the judges gave it to Alan Belcher via split-decision. I'm fine with that, but the crowd seemed a bit upset.
Technical Submission (Triangle Choke)
      Demian Maia is such a bad ass... He's probably the best Jiu-Jitsu fighter I've ever seen... The first round consisted of Demian Maia taking Herman to the ground, and then unloading exactly 1,756,433 submission attempts on Herman (I counted), and Herman somehow was able to escape them all, but just barely... Herman basically got schooled on the ground during the first round... The second round, they both came out looking kind of tired, but it was still more of the same, Maia pulled guard, they went to the ground, Maia locked on a triangle choke, Herman tried to roll out of it, and Maia ended up in the full mount (while still holding the triangle choke), Herman passed out, Maia punched him in the face a couple of times to wish him goodnight, and the referee stopped the fight due to the fact that Herman was literally unconscious... GREAT fight for Maia, and I can't wait to see how far he can go in the middleweight division...
KO (Punch)
      This was a solid fight... The first round had Ed Herman taking Doerksen to the ground, and he basically just outwrestled him for the entire round, and he also left a bad cut on the eyelid of Doerksen, bad enough to where I thought they might stop the fight... The second round probably went to Doerksen, even though Ed Herman showed some skills, Doerksen got on Herman's back, and eventually transitioned to a triangle choke at the end of the round, but Herman was saved by the bell... The third round basically consisted of a left hook by Herman, which knocked out Doerksen, giving Ed Herman the first KO win of his career...
Submission (Rear-Naked Choke)
      After watching the first couple of minutes of this fight, I thought it was going to be pretty boring... Ed Herman started turning up the pace though, by taking down Smith with a couple of really nice slams, and then following those up with some vicious elbows to the bridge of Scott Smith's nose... Smith left the first round with a REALLY BAD cut on the bridge of his nose, and it was just gushing blood... The second round consisted of more of the same, but Smith was able to lock on a guillotine, and it looked like Herman was about to pass out... Herman somehow escaped, and then ended up literally jumping onto the back of Smith, and he locked on the rear naked choke for the submission victory in the second round...
Submission (Armbar)
      This fight was neat... Ed Herman started the fight by taking Price to the ground, with a nice little wrestling takedown... Once they were on the ground, Chris Price went for 3-4 Kimura attempts, trying to submit Herman (and almost locked them on several times) but then Herman scrambled around and got on Price's back... Everyone thought that Herman was going to go for the rear naked choke, but instead, he locked on an armbar instantly, which was fucking BEAUTIFUL!!! So yeah, Ed Herman comes from behind, and wins with impressive fashion, around the middle part of the first round... Good clean fight...
Submission (Triangle Choke)
      Holy Crap!!! This fight was fucking incredible... The fight started with Herman throwing some kicks, just to kind of test the waters a little bit, nothing did any damage really... Then Macdonald tried to take down Herman, but Herman unleashed a nice spinning reversal thing, taking Macdonald to the ground... Once they were on the ground, it was a back & forth battle of reversals, with Herman seeming to dominate with the wrestling, but Macdonald had the edge in the submission department... About halfway through the first round, Jason Macdonald locked on a TIGHT triangle choke, then locked on a Kimura (while the triangle was still locked on), then grabbed Herman's leg to prevent him from defending the triangle, and THEN he started throwing elbows at Herman's head, and from that point on, Jason Macdonald has been one of my favorite fighters... Ha! Basically, Ed Herman put up a hell of a fight, but Jason Macdonald absolutely crushed him there at the end, and Macdonald wins by a triangle choke hybrid submission of the likes that we've never seen, in the first round!!! Jason Macdonald deserves a title shot... Ha!!! (I'm excited, pardon the laughter...)
      This was probably one of the best fights that I've EVER seen... It started out with Herman trying to muscle Kendall to the ground, but he had some trouble with it... Eventually, they both went to the ground, and then it was 3 rounds of GREAT submission attempts, escapes, ground & poundage, swinging, chinging, zinging, winging, whatever else happens in MMA fights... It was ALL shown here... Both guys gave it their all, and it was an absolutely amazing fight... I thought that Ed Herman should have won by split-decision, but Kendall Grove ended up winning by unanimous decision... Kind of sucks, BUT! It was a close fight... Fucking brilliant... So Kendall won the UFC contract and a bunch of other stuff... BUT! Ed Herman also got a UFC contract... Similar to the Forrest Griffin vs. Stephan Bonnar fight from the original ultimate fighter finale... Great fight, and everyone should check this one out...
Submission (Rear-Naked Choke)
      These guys clinched early in the first round, and Singer pressed Herman up against the fence. Herman threw some knees, and then whipped Singer to the ground. Herman dropped some heavy elbows from inside Singer's guard, while Singer just flailed around on the ground, trying to avoid damage by tying up Herman. They finally stood back up with 90 seconds left in the round, and Singer immediately took down Herman, and started working his own ground & pound from inside Herman's guard. Herman then hit him with an illegal upkick, and Singer milked the shit out of it, acting like he was practically knocked out. The fight was restarted on the ground with Singer on top, but Herman quickly wrestled his way back to his feet, and then tripped Singer, beating him up for the final 30 seconds with ground & pound against the fence. I scored that first round for Herman.
     The second round started with some more clinching, and then Herman tripped Singer to the ground 30 seconds into the round, immediately securing side control. Herman continued to beat up Singer with his ground & pound until Singer gave up his back halfway through the round. Herman slapped on a rear-naked choke, and Singer was forced to submit almost immediately. That was another really solid performance by Ed Herman.
Submission (Armbar)
      These guys circled around each other for a few seconds, and then Herman clinched 15 seconds into the round, threw some knees, and then Abbadi pressed him against the fence. Herman threw him to the ground from the clinch, and landed inside Abbadi's guard. Herman spent a couple of minutes beating the shit out of Abbadi with short elbows from inside his guard, before eventually passing to side control, while still pressing Abbadi up against the fence. He passed to the mounted crucifix, dropped some more elbows, and then cranked on an Americana, but Abbadi was able to pull his arm free. With a minute left in the round, Herman mounted him, dropped some big punches, Abbadi tried to roll out of danger, and Herman nearly ripped his arm off with a brutal looking armbar. That was a fantastic performance by Ed Herman.