Submission (Rear-Naked Choke)
      Holy shit man. Nurmagomedov pulled Poirier to the ground early in the first round, he mounted him, punched him repeatedly, locked on a nasty neck crank, and Poirier somehow stood back up, but Nurmagomedov continued to grind the living shit out of him against the fence. Nurmagomedov is a fucking MONSTER with his wrestling. His ground game is fucking unbelievable. That's a 10-8 round for Nurmagomedov. Grappling with Nurmagomedov is a nightmare.
      Poirier blasted Nurmagomedov with some BIG punches to start the second round, he was chasing him around for a solid minute, while unloading wtih big combinations, and then Nurmagomedov took him down again 90 seconds into the round, pinning him against the fence. Poirier looked exhausted. Poirier is putting up a fight, but Nurmagomedov is fucking mauling him. I have Nurmagomedov ahead 20-17 going into the third round.
      Nurmagomedov took down Poirier early in the third round, Poirier caught him in a TIGHT guillotine choke, and it looked like Nurmagomedov was in trouble, but he eventually popped his head free, and he quickly took Poirier's back. Nurmagomedov locked on a rear-naked choke, and forced the submission. That was a fantastic one-sided performance by Khabib Nurmagomedov, the true UFC Lightweight Champion. He's a fucking beast.
      These guys both came out swinging, they both landed some solid combinations, and Poirier rocked Holloway 2 minutes into the opening round, and it looked like he was about to finish him, but Holloway was able to hang on just enough to fire back with a few shots, and then Poirier would fire back with some bombs, and continue to rock Holloway around the cage. They both landed a ton of solid shots, but the power difference looked like a 2 weight class difference, with Poirier bring significantly more power to everything he threw. Round one goes to Poirier.
     The second round was another solid round of back & forth action, with both guys landing a ton of solid shots, and then Poirier rocked Holloway again with a minute left in the round, it looked like he was about to finish him, as he chased Holloway around the cage while Holloway mostly just ran away. Poirier looks awesome tonight, and he has a clear 20-18 lead going into the third round.
     The third round was more of the same, with both guys landing a lot of solid shots, and then Holloway turned it up a few notches in the final 90 seconds, and started to beat up Poirier, forcing him to shoot for a bad takedown, which Holloway stuffed against the fence. The third round goes to Holloway, and Poirier has a 29-28 lead going into the Championship rounds.
     Poirier started the fourth round by shooting for a takedown, which Holloway basically stuffed again. Holloway then unloaded on Poirier with some big punches, and took a quick lead to start the round. Poirier looked like he was slowing down, but he was still moving forward and throwing powerful punches at Holloway's head. I thought Holloway was winning that round, but when I saw his face, and it looked like he had been smashed by an axe right down the center of his face, I sort of questioned who was winning at that point. I'm going to say this fight is all tied up going into the final round, but Holloway is clearly wearing significantly more damage.
     The final round was another round of solid brawling, with both guys throwing a ton of strikes, and landing with almost everything, but it's hard not to pay attention to the fact that Holloway looks like he got his ass kicked by five guys, and Poirier looks relatively unscathed. For that reason, I'm giving this fight to Poirier, 48-47, and all 3 judges agreed, giving him the unanimous decision victory, and Poirier is apparently the new Interim UFC Lightweight Champion. That was a hell of a fight, it was fun to see Holloway at 155, but I think I'm ready for him to go back to 145 at this point.
TKO (Punches)
      These guys both came out trading hard strikes, with Poirier working a lot of leg kicks, and Alvarez was ripping off a lot of punch combinations to the body of Poirier. That round really could have gone either way. I was going to score it for Poirier, but I think Alvarez did enough in the final 15 seconds to steal the round.
     They traded some hard strikes to start the second round, Alvarez sort of shot for a takedown, and Poirier cranked on a tight guillotine choke, which looked dangerous, but Alvarez was able to pop his head out after a few seconds. They stood up, and reset 90 seconds into the round. Alvarez shot for another takedown, Poirier went for another guillotine choke, that didn't work out, so Alvarez took Poirier's back, and cranked the shit out of his neck. After a brief scramble, Alvarez ended up in full mount, as he had Poirier pinned against the fence. Alvarez then threw a 12-6 elbow, and the referee stood them up because of the illegal elbow, taking away Alvarez's advantageous position. Poirier then blasted Alvarez with a big knee, followed it up with some big punches, he unloaded with some hard knees, some more punches, and Alvarez looked like he was about to go down, he fired back with everything he had, Poirier continued to unload on him, and Alvarez finally collapsed, forcing the referee to stop the fight. That was a fantastic fight while it lasted, and a huge win for Poirier.
TKO (Punches)
      These guys both came out swinging, and they both landed some solid shots, with Poirier probably landing the harder punches, but Gaethje landed some brutal inside leg kicks that were causing Poirier problems early on. Poirier landed some really slick combinations though, and he was VERY active with his offense. Both guys spent a lot of energy in that first round, they both landed some serious shots, but I think Poirier won that round with his nonstop offense, and slick combinations, but he needs to defend against those leg kicks before they cause serious problems.
     They both came out swinging again to start the second round, and Gaethje poked Poirier in the eye, which brought the fight to a screeching halt. After the brief timeout, they both came out swinging again, and they both landed some serious punches, as they were clearly trying to take each other's heads off. Poirier landed a LOT of jabs, and Gaethje was just eating the shots. I think Poirier has a solid 20-18 lead going into the third round. Gaethje just doesn't seem like he's really in this fight yet. He looks like he's still trying to wake up from a nap or something. As soon as I said that, Gaethje blasted Poirier with some big punches, a kick, and then he did a front flip axe kick or some shit to finish out the round. That round still goes to Poirier, but I think Gaethje is waking up now.
     Poirier looked like he was clearly slowing down in the third round, and Gaethje was turning it up several notches, as he was chasing Poirier around the cage, while blasting him with big punches, and he continued to work the damage to the legs with kicks & knees while pressing Poirier against the fence. I thought Gaethje was well on his way to winning that round, and then he poked Poirier in the eye again, so the referee took a point from Gaethje, resulting in a 9-9 round. I have Poirier ahead now, 29-27, going into the fourth round.
     Poirier blasted Gaethje with a pair of hard punches to start the fourth round, Gaethje was clearly wobbled, he could barely stand, Poirier unloaded on him, Gaethje struggled to try to stay in the fight, but he dropped, and the referee was forced to stop the fight. That was a huge win for Dustin Poirier, and another disappointing loss for Justin Gaethje. I still really like Justin Gaethje, but I think people are starting to figure him out, so he needs to cut back on the recklessness, and figure out a way to get a win in his next fight before he makes this a 3-Fight losing streak.
Submission (Body Triangle to Mount)
      Poirier threw a nice combination of punches early in the first round, Pettis threw some decent kicks, and then Poirier took him to the ground against the fence a minute into the opening round. Pettis sort of tried to setup a guillotine choke, and then gave that up in favor of setting up a Kimura, while Poirier kept him pressed against the fence. Poirier postured up a bit, threw some big punches, Poirier sort of stood up, and Pettis tripped him by grabbing his ankle, and they both stood up, clinched, Pettis pressed Poirier against the fence, they traded a few elbows, and then reset with 90 seconds left in the opening round. Poirier shot for another takedown, Pettis stuffed his shot this time, they traded some weird looking strikes against the fence, and Poirier knocked Pettis off balance with a punch. Poirier unloaded with some big punches with Pettis against the fence, Pettis was running away, and Poirier was unloading on him with BOMBS, Pettis tried to fire back with some random shit, they both went wild, but yeah, round one definitely goes to Dustin Poirier. Pettis looked fucked up when he walked back to his corner, meanwhile, Poirier just gave him a pat on the butt.
      They both came out throwing punches to start the second round, and then Poirier shot for another takedown, dumping Pettis to the ground against the fence. Pettis tried to setup a triangle choke, but Poirier was able to punch his way out of it by throwing some BRUTAL punches & elbows at the face of Pettis, causing a thick stream of blood to flow from his face. Poirier took his back, locked on the body triangle, and continued to punch Pettis in the face from back control. Pettis somehow spun around, took top control inside Poirier's guard, and he worked some ground & pound while pouring blood all over Poirier's face. Pettis then tried to take Piorier's back. Poirier scrambled out of that, slipping out of the back door, Poirier took top control again, Pettis tried to setup another triangle, Poirier slipped out of that, continued to pound on Pettis, they both scrambled around wildly, and then the referee stopped the fight for a minute or so to let the doctor check out Pettis's cuts. When the fight started back up, the referee put them back on the ground, Poirier inside Pettis's guard. Pettis went for the triangle, locked it on tight, Poirier slipped out, took his back, and finished the round beating the living shit out of Pettis with huge punches & elbows. I have Poirier clearly ahead, AT LEAST 20-18, going into the third round.
      Poirier threw some punches to start the third round, Pettis threw some kicks, and then Poirier took him down again 30 seconds into the round, settling back into Pettis's guard for some reason. They stood back up, and Poirier clinched with Pettis's back. Pettis tried to roll forward to escape, and Poirier locked on the body triangle again. Poirier tried to setup a rear-naked choke, couldn't quite get it, so he spun around into full mount, and I think the way his body lock was grinding on Pettis's ribs, he broke Pettis's rib or something, forcing Pettis to submit. That was a FANTASTIC performance by Dustin Poirier, finishing a former Champion, after an insane bloodbath, some wild scrambles, wild brawling, etc... This fight was fucking wild. Dustin Poirier is the man!
NC (Accidental Knee to Head of Grounded Fighter)
      The first round was basically a boxing match, with both guys dancing around and trading punches, with a few kicks mixed in. For the most part, Poirier appeared to be throwing more strikes overall, so I scored that first round for Poirier, but neither fighter really dominated the round or anything. The second round started with Alvarez throwing some big punches, he pressed Poirier against the fence, and Poirier went for a standing guillotine choke, but Alvarez pulled his head free, and continued to pressure Poirier against the fence. They eventually split up, and started exchanging punches, and Poirier rocked the living shit out of Alvarez, blasting him with bombs while Alvarez just wobbled around the fence. Poirier hit him with a head kick, some big punch combinations, it looked like the fight was over, and then Alvarez rocked Poirier with 2 minutes left in the round, and he started to unload on Poirier. Poirier grabbed another standing guillotine choke, but Alvarez pulled his head free and took down Poirier. He then went for a guillotine choke of his own with 90 seconds left in the round. That didn't quite work, so Alvarez unloaded with some big illegal knees, as Poirier was on the ground, and the referee let him unload on him for a few seconds, and then he finally told him to stop, and then controversy happened, as Poirier was unable to continue. The fight was declared a no contest, but since I don't generally do no contests when passing out victory points, I'm going to give this fight to Alvarez, since as far as I'm concerned, knees on the ground SHOULD be legal, and Alvarez basically knocked out Poirier, so... I'm giving that fight to Alvarez, even though it's officially a no contest.
Decision (Majority)
      These guys both traded some hard punches to start the opening round, with Miller being slightly more aggressive. Miller shot for a takedown 2 minutes into the round, but Poirier stuffed the shot and pressed Miller against the fence in the clinch. They quickly split up, and went back to trading heavy punches. Miller did a good job on several occassions, forcing Poirier to back up due to Miller's aggressive striking. Poirier kind of knocked down Miller for a second, but Miller immediately popped up, took down Poirier, and took his back, digging for a rear-naked choke with 45 seconds left in the round. Poirier was able to spin out of danger, taking the top position, before standing up to finish the round back on their feet, brawling like a couple of insane people. That was a pretty great round, and it could go either way, but I scored it for Miller, based on his grappling, but Poirier was laying it on strong in the final seconds of the round, so who knows where that one will end up on the scorecards?
     The second round had both guys throwing wild punches, Poirier rocked Miller early, and had him in some serious trouble against the fence, forcing Miller to shoot for a bad single leg, which didn't work out. Poirier continued to pick apart Miller with his boxing. Miller landed a few solid counters, but for the most part, Poirier was really unloading on Miller, scaring him off a little bit. Miller shot for another takedown with around 90 seconds left in the round, but Poirier was able to stuff the shot. Miller pressed him against the fence, but he was looking tired, so Poirier was able to reverse him, scoring a takedown of his own. Poirier decided to stand back up with 40 seconds left in the round, and they went back to trading wild punches. Poirier is breathing hard too though. The first round is up in the air, and the second round clearly goes to Poirier, so I have no idea what to expect in the final round.
     Miller landed some heavy punches to start the final round, and then he dropped Poirier with a series of heavy leg kicks. Poirier tried to fight through it, but Miller continued to chew up his legs with heavy kicks. Poirier caught a kick and tripped Miller to the ground with around 3 minutes left in the fight, so Poirier jumped into Miller's guard. Poirier was clearly just trying to run out the clock at this point, not wanting to have to stand back up on that leg. After a brief scramble, Miller stood back up, and pressed Poirier against the fence. Poirier sort of scored another takedown, Miller went for a Kimura from his back, it looked like it was getting close, but Poirier was able to shake his arm free. Poirier wasn't even able to walk back to his corner. I'm personally scoring this fight 29-28 for Miller, giving him the first & third rounds. One judge scored the fight a draw, one judge gave all 3 rounds to Poirier, and the other scored it 29-28 for Poirier, giving him the majority decision.
KO (Punches)
      Johnson came out looking fast, a lot of footwork, a lot of fast punches, he cut Poirier's right cheek early, Poirier landed a few hard punches, but Johnson kept moving, circling around Poirier, and then he blasted him with a massive right hand, followed by a left hand, he knocked him to the ground, and finished him with some heavy punches on the ground. Fantastic first round finish for Michael Johnson, and a much needed win, for Michael Johnson considering he entered this fight on a 2-Fight losing streak, and a HUGE win considering Poirier was on a 4-Fight winning streak. Big upset, with an explosive finish. Congrats to Michael Johnson.
KO (Punches)
      That was pretty awesome. Bobby Green is making his return to the UFC after 18+ months away due to a knee injury or something. Green talked all kinds of shit, taunting Poirier for the duration of this fight, and Poirier dropped him multiple times, blasting him with ultra clean boxing, tons of big punches to the face, and he basically knocked Green's head off, putting him away in the first round with some heavy punches. Dustin Poirier is a fucking beast at 155. This is an insane division, so I don't know how close he is to a title shot or anything, but he's definitely climbing the rankings at a rapid pace. Poirier looked awesome in this fight.
      That first round was fucking wild. Both guys were "fighting inside a phone booth" as Joe likes to say. A lot of inside boxing, with hard punches flying both ways, hard kicks, lots of action, both guys got rocked and bloodied up a bit. Poirier secured a takedown in the last half of the round, but Duffy was able to work his way back to his feet, and then they continued to brawl for the last minute or so. VERY violent round, and VERY exciting. I scored it for Poirier, based partially on that takedown, since the striking was fairly even. Poirier fought his way in at the start of the second round, and secured another takedown, but his nose was bleeding all over the place. Duffy tried to get back up, but Poirier was able to pass into half guard. Duffy regained his guard, and Poirier blasted him with a hard elbow on the ground. Duffy looked like he was looking for a submission, but Poirier started to slaughter him with hard elbows, swelling Duffy's left eye shut. Duffy was clearly looking for a triangle, and Poirier nearly killed him with another series of hard elbows to the face. That was some of the most brutal ground & pound I've seen in a while. GREAT round for Dustin Poirier, possibly even earning a 10-8 round. They traded strikes for the first minute of the final round, and then Poirier secured another double leg takedown. A couple of minutes later, Duffy rolled out of that into a heel hook attempt, but Poirier was able to spin out of it, as he ended up back on top in Duffy's guard. The referee randomly stood them up, which was dumb, but that just allowed them to trade strikes for a few more seconds, before Poirier secured another takedown. Duffy locked on a triangle choke in the final few seconds, but Dustin Diamond was saved by the bell. AMAZING fight overall, it very well could end up being fight of the night, and in my opinion, it was a pretty clear 30-27 victory for Poirier, if not 30-26. All 3 judges agreed, giving the fight to Dustin Poirier via unanimous decision.
TKO (Punches)
      This fight was pretty much a one-sided massacre. Poirier came out swinging, knocked out Medeiros multiple times, knocking him down chaotically, over and over again, and then Poirier got on his back, and went for the rear-naked choke for a minute or so, before eventually standing back up, where he finished Medeiros with some more punches to the face. Nice win for Poirier.
KO (Punches)
      YEAH! This was a pretty exciting fight, with both guys kind of flipping around, and going crazy with aggression, and eventually, Poirier punched Ferreira square in the face, and knocked him on the ground, where he continued to beat his ass, until the referee was eventually forced to jump in and stop the fight. Pretty awesome debut for Poirier at 155 pounds.
TKO (Punches)
      WOW! I had Poirier ranked quite a bit higher than McGregor going into this fight, mostly because of his experience, and I thought he was winning for the first minute or so, because he landed some harder shots and stuff, BUT MAN!!! McGregor landed a weird punch, that didn't LOOK that hard, but Poirier face planted, and then McGregor finished him off with a few more unanswered punches on the ground, so the referee was forced to stop the fight. Pretty big win for Conor McGregor! YEAH!!!
TKO (Punches)
      This fight was fucking awesome. Dustin Poirier was the obvious favorite in this fight, but Akira came out like a ball of fire in the first round, and nearly knocked out Poirier, and he just kept throwing gigantic bombs, trying to take Poirier's head off. By the end of the round though, Poirier started to make a comeback, and locked on a Peruvian Neck Tie, causing blood to flow from the forehead of Akira, so I ended up giving the first round to Poirier, but it was close! The second round was more brawling, and Poirier was able to land a big uppercut, knocking Corassani to the ground against the cage, and he landed a few more pendulum style punches, forcing the referee to stop the fight. At the moment, this is looking like the definite fight of the night.
KO (Punches)
      Wow, Diego Brandao is usually a beast, but he came into this fight 8 pounds overweight for some reason, and looked like shit. Dustin Poirier basically picked him apart for the majority of the first round, and eventually broke him down against the cage and forced the referee to stop the fight due to punches. Dustin Poirier looked great, but Brandao was VERY disappointing.
      This fight was fuckin' crazy! Erik Koch locked on a TIGHT triangle choke in the first round, nearly putting Poirier to sleep, but by the end of that round, Poirier had full mount, and was beating the living shit out of Koch, and even nearly locked on a D'Arce choke. The second round seemed pretty back & forth to me, but again, featured Poirier with some solid ground & pound. The third round, again, kind of close, but it ended with Koch on Poirier's back, with a rear-naked choke, and if the bell didn't happen when it did, he MIGHT have been able to finish the fight right there. Great fight by both guys, and it'll be hard not to call this one fight of the night.
      Finally! A really good fight! It went to another decision, but other than that, this was a great fight. Cub Swanson was ultra aggressive, throwing tons of punches, and kicks, and knees, and stuff, and even had a slam, and a n excellent Judo throw later in the fight. Dustin Poirier had a few moments where his striking looked solid, but he spent too much time with failed takedown attempts, which eventually resulted in Cub Swanson winning via unanimous decision.
Submission (Brabo Choke)
      Shoot! This was a pretty great fight, but I wanted Brookins to win. Oh well, he looked great, and had solid striking & grappling skills, but he left his chin up in the air the entire time, and eventually nearly got knocked out. Once Poirier had him in trouble, he locked on a BEAUTIFUL D'Arce choke, and Brookins was forced to tap. Great showing by Poirier.
Technical Submission (Brabo Choke)
      This fight was insane. The Korean Zombie, Chan Sung Jung, is one of my favorite fighters I think. He really goes all out in these fights, and he comes from so many unexpected angles, that he can really take you out no matter where the fight goes. On the feet, he was throwing CRAZY flying knees, wild punches & elbows, and all sorts of interesting spinning maneuvers. Poirier held his own on the feet for the most part, and also showed a decent amount of ground skills. In the end though, both guys seemed pretty gassed going into the fourth round, but The Zombie was able to pull out a BRILLIANT Brabo Choke to take out Poirier at about 1:07 of the fourth round. Awesome fight by both fighters, and Chan Sung Jung has earned himself a title shot.
Submission (Triangle Armbar)
      That was a pretty awesome win for Dustin Poirier. The fight started with Holloway being very aggressive on the feet, throwing flying knees and shit like that. Poirier was eventually able to get the fight to the ground though, where he slowly was able to make his way into an Armbar, which Holloway tried to defend against, and Poirier transitioned that into a triangle choke, which then transitioned into a triangle Armbar, forcing Holloway to submit, and I think Holloway's arm might have been damaged by that, it looked tight. Awesome win for Poirier.
Submission (Brabo Choke)
      This was a pretty great fight, with Dustin Poirier taking out a DANGEROUS fighter, in Pablo Garza. The first round pretty much showed that Poirier's striking was better than Garza's, and when it came to grappling, even though Garza has slick techniques, Poirier is just too strong for him. The second round started, and it was basically more of the same, until Poirier locked on a beautiful D'Arce choke, forcing Garza to submit.
      This was a really good brawl, and Dustin Poirier brought his A-Game again, throwing wild & crazy punches, and landing a ton of them, and by the time the third round rolled around, he was able to take Young to the ground, and grapple the shit out of him. Both guys showed great striking & solid grappling skills, but in the end, I gave all 3 rounds to Dustin Poirier, and for the most part, I think everyone can get on board with that decision. Good fight overall.
      This was a pretty one-sided event, with Dustin Poirier punching the living shit out of Grispi for pretty much the entire fight, landing 6-7 times as many punches over the 15 minute ass kicking. Grispi finally started showing a little offense, getting on top of Poirier at the end of the fight, but ultimately, this fight easily went to Dustin Poirier, and he definitely looks like a guy to keep an eye on in the 145 pound division.
TKO (Punches)
      Poirier came out looking VIOLENT in this fight, clearly not wanting to lose another decision. He blasted Micklewright with a hundred punches or so, all in the first round, until the referee finally decided to step in and stop the fight, since Micklewright was pretty much out on his feet at that point. Awesome, VERY VIOLENT performance, by Dustin Poirier, in his second fight in the WEC.
     The first round basically had Castillo beating up Poirier on the ground, outwrestling him, and just trying to bully him around. Castillo tried to take the fight to the ground again in the second round, but Poirier did a great job staying on his feet, where he was able to pick apart Castillo a little bit with his sharp striking skills. Poirier even went for a very slow paced, flying triangle, which was amusing, but it really just ended up resulting in Poirier pulling guard. From there, Castillo beat him up a little bit with some ground & pound, but Poirier eventually locked on a pretty tight triangle choke, which I thought might finish it, but somehow, it never REALLY looked like Castillo was in trouble at all. I'm not sure how you lock on a tight triangle for a full 2 minutes without finishing it, but yeah, decent show of heart by Castillo to escape that I guess. The third round was sort of a slow grinding round, with Castillo on top, beating up Poirier for most of the round. Nice 29-28 win for Castillo in my opinion, and all 3 judges agreed, some even giving him all 3 rounds.