TKO (Punches)
      These guys were both throwing bombs, and they both got rocked in the first 2 minutes of the opening round. Every time it looked like one guy was in trouble, he'd fire back, and the other guy would get rocked backwards. It looked like JDS nearly finished Lewis with a spinning back kick to the body, and when he went in for the kill, Lewis launched a nuclear bomb at JDS's face, and they continued to trade some hard shots until the end of the round. Round one goes to JDS.
      They continued to punish each other in the second round, with Lewis landing a brutal leg kick, and some big punches. JDS is clearly the more technical fighter, but Lewis's power is no joke. He's a THE FUCKING BEAST. JDS unloaded on Lewis around the 2 minute mark of the second round, Lewis couldn't create any distance to recover as JDS just swarmed him, so the fight was stopped. That was a huge win for JDS, and Lewis looked really good too while he lasted.
Submission (Rear-Naked Choke)
      Lewis landed a couple of leg kicks, he threw a head kick, and then Cormier took him down a minute into the opening round. Cormier smothered him against the fence, and threw some short punches & elbows. Lewis rolled over to get back to his feet, and he made it back to his feet halfway through the round, but Cormier continued to hold onto a tight clinch against the fence. Cormier took him down again with a single leg with 2 minutes left in the round. Cormier continued to chip away with some short strikes, and then Lewis tried to get back up with a minute left in the round. Cormier did a good job keeping him smothered against the fence though. Round one CLEARLY goes to Cormier, but for the amount of control he had, he didn't do much actual damage.
      Lewis threw some big punches to start the second round, and then Cormier took him down again, but Lewis stood back up immediately again. Cormier stayed on him, and then used his slick wrestling to take Lewis down again. Lewis gave up his back, Cormier locked on a rear-naked choke, and finished the fight by submission. That was a really good win for Cormier. Lewis took the fight on short notice (he just fought less than a month ago). That's a disappointing loss for Lewis though, as he came into this fight with a lot of hype behind him after his last fight, and he really didn't have enough time to train for a random title fight that was thrown at him.
KO (Punches)
      The first round had Volkov unloading on Lewis with a LOT of big strikes, and Lewis looked like he was about to go down multiple times, but every time the referee came close to stopping it, Lewis would wing a big bomb to show that he's still fighting. Volkov eventually called a timeout to give Lewis time to recover, for some reason... When the fight started back up, they both landed some big strikes, Lewis shot for a horribly awkward takedown, Volkov ended up on top, they stood up, Lewis rocked Volkov, and then Volkov took him down again, landing in side control. Volkov threw some short elbows, and then he took Lewis's back, and tried to setup a rear-naked choke, but Lewis did a good job shaking him off the side, and then Lewis ended up on top with 30 seconds left in the round. He unloaded with some massive bombs, and then the round ended. That round has to go to Volkov, I guess, but... Lewis keeps proving that he's always dangerous.
     Volkov continued to chip away at Lewis with some big punches in the second round, he rocked him a few more times, and Lewis was still magically staying in the fight somehow. Volkov really should have been able to finish this fight, but he just wasn't going in for the kill at all, he was giving Lewis WAY too much time to recover in inbetween attacks. Lewis continued to throw one massive punch every 45 seconds or so, while Volkov kept chipping away slowly at him with crisp striking. Lewis knocked out Volkov's mouthpiece late in the round, and then Volkov tried to pause the fight, and told Lewis to put his (Volkov's) mouthpiece into Lewis's mouth, because Volkov apparently didn't realize it was his own mouthpiece. I have no idea what's going on in this fight. Volkov is ahead 20-18 going into the final round though.
     Volkov threw a lot of slapping leg kicks in the final round, and Lewis continued to wing bombs at him randomly. I still think Volkov should have been able to finish Lewis, but he didn't finish him, instead, he just tried to string this shit out to a decision, and Lewis said fuck that shit, and he fired some shotgun blasts at Volkov's face late in the final round, and with around 15 seconds left in the fight, Lewis knocked Volkov the fuck out. Lewis dropped Volkov with a MASSIVE overhand right, and then drilled a million 266 pound punches into his face, until Volkov's head bounced off the canvas a few times. That was a FANTASTIC finish by Derrick Lewis, and he showed an insane amount of heart in this fight. After the fight ended, Lewis took his pants off in the center of the octagon, because his "balls were hot". HAHAHA... Derrick Lewis needs a fucking title shot.
      The first round started slowly, with Lewis throwing a few big kicks, and Ngannou was mostly just standing there. The crowd started to boo halfway through the round, because Ngannou literally hadn't thrown anything at all yet in the first 3 minutes. That first round really sucked, but it has to go to Lewis, for being the only fighter to really even TRY to do anything.
     Lewis told his corner in between rounds that his back was bothering him, which sucks, since it's been a nagging injury of his for a long time now. Ngannou on the other hand, as far as I know, has no excuse for his terrible performance so far. The second round was basically a repeat of the first round, with Lewis just doing a LITTLE MORE than Ngannou. I have Lewis ahead 20-18 going into the final round. This fight has been insanely disappointing so far. Herb Dean warned them both for timidity with a minute left in the second round.
     This fight was FUCKING TERRIBLE. The third round was no different than the rest of the rounds. The third round could have maybe gone either way, but in the end, this should be a clear decision for Derrick Lewis, even though you could argue they should both be fired for this shit show. The crowd was livid by the end of the fight, and the commentators were saying it could be the worst heavyweight fight of all time. The winner of this fight SHOULD have been next in line for a title shot, but this fight was BULLSHIT. There's no way either of them deserve a title shot after this fight. All 3 judges agreed with me, giving Lewis the lackluster unanimous decision victory, over the previous #1 contender.
KO (Punches)
      This fight looked like it was going to start slowly, and then Lewis plowed threw him with a massive punch, followed by a takedown in the center of the cage. Lewis tried to settle into Tybura's half guard, but Tybura spun around for a leg lock, Lewis sat down on him, punched him hard in the ribs, and then took Tybura's back. When Tybura popped back up to his feet, Lewis stumbled backwards, and Tybura quickly mounted him. Lewis tried to get up, Tybura tried to take his back, Lewis shook him off, they stood up, and Lewis dropped Tybura with another big punch, and then he unloaded with some big shots on the ground. Tybura was eventually able to sweep Lewis again, and he basically just pinned Lewis, without doing much from top control. Tybura looked like he wanted to setup an arm-triangle choke, but he never really went for it. Tybura ended that round on top, but I'm scoring the round for Lewis, based on the damage done from his striking. You could definitely make an argument for Tybura winning that round though.
     They traded some strikes to start the second round, Lewis unloaded with a wild combination while rushing forward a minute into the round, Tybura weathered the storm, and then took down Lewis in the center of the cage, landing in side control, with plenty of time left to work on the ground. Tybura passed to mount, took Lewis's back, Lewis tried to shake him off again, it didn't work, so Lewis collapsed, and Tybura continued to control Lewis's back. They rolled around, Tybura ended up in full mount again, and then he started working some ground & pound, but Lewis was still doing a decent job defending against the strikes, considering he was mounted. Round two clearly goes to Tybura, and I have this fight all tied up going into the final round.
     The final round started very slowly, with Tybura flicking front kicks, and Lewis was waiting for good openings to throw haymakers. Tybura clinched and pressed Lewis against the fence 90 seconds into the round, and was basically just stalling. Lewis eventually violently spun out of the clinch, threw Tybura against the fence, unloaded with a barrage of bombs, he dropped Tybura with a brutal right hand, Tybura curled up on the ground, Lewis punched him repeatedly on the ground, and then the referee stopped the fight. That was another exciting finish by Derrick Lewis, as he comes back from adversity. Derrick Lewis is awesome.
TKO (Punches & Elbows)
      Lewis started this fight with a couple of leg kicks, Hunt threw some big punches, Lewis fired back with a pair of head kicks, and a third, and that brings us to the 2 minute mark of the opening round. Hunt was pressuring Lewis toward the fence, and every time it looked like Lewis might be in trouble, he would explode with some heavy punches, or another big kick. Lewis sort of attempted a couple of takedowns, but didn't make any progress with them. Hunt has a huge mouse on his left shin, and his leg is bleeding all over his foot. That was a close round, but I scored it in favor of Derrick Lewis.
      I forgot to mention in the first round, Lewis landed some heavy kicks to the body as well. The second round started with Lewis throwing some bombs, and he hammered Hunt with a few more of those massive kicks to the body as well. Hunt landed a heavy leg kick 90 seconds into the second round. Lewis poked Hunt in the eye, but it was accidental. After a brief timeout, the fight continued. This fight has been slow paced so far, but when every strike that is thrown from either side looks like a rocket launcher exploding, it's still pretty fucking intense. Hunt rocked Lewis with 90 seconds left in the round, and then chased him around the cage for a few seconds, as Lewis tried to find enough space to recover. The final minute of the round turned into a wild brawl. I was going to give that round to Lewis, but I think Hunt did enough in that final minute to steal the round. Now we'll see how much Lewis can recover before the start of the third round.
      The third round started the same way, and then Hunt got a little too close, and Lewis unloaded on him with a huge knee to the body, followed by a series of uppercuts. Hunt backed out of that, and Lewis hammered him with some heavy looping hooks. Similar to the second round, I thought Lewis won the first half of this round, but then he slowed down, and let Hunt land some big shots. Lewis was still landing some heavy shots, but he was throwing single punches instead of combinations at this point. Hunt was stalking Lewis until the end of the round, leading to a 29-28 lead for Hunt, on my scorecard, going into the fourth round.
      Lewis looked absolutely exhausted going into the fourth round, as he was basically just walking on straight legs, hands on hips, backing up the entire time, he still threw a few random things like a flying knee, and a few bombs that were too slow to land, but Hunt continued to stalk him for the duration of the round, he kept working him over with his strikes, and then he eventually unloaded with some big punches & elbows, while Lewis was up against the fence, forcing the referee to stop the fight. That was a HUGE win for Mark Hunt, ending the longest active winning streak in the UFC Heavyweight Division. Congrats to Hunt for the big hometown victory. As for Lewis, I don't know what was going on there, but after a couple of rounds, he seemed to basically just quit. He's still one of the scariest guys in the division though.
KO (Punches)
      Browne threw a brutal leg kick, and Lewis threw a big body kick. Lewis then threw a leg kick, and then Browne caused Lewis to fold over with some front kicks to the belly. Lewis recovered, and threw some wild high kicks, and then caught a kick and dropped Browne with some heavy punches, but Browne was able to scramble back to his feet before absorbing too much damage on the ground. Browne spent the rest of the round picking apart Lewis with kicks, Lewis looked frustrated, but he finished the round with some big punches. Round one clearly goes to Browne.
      Browne came out, tried to work his kicks in the second round, and then Lewis unloaded on him with King Kong punches, rocking the shit out of Browne, blasting him up against the fence, hammering him with uppercuts, and I thought he was going to finish Browne, but Browne recovered a little bit, threw some knees, tried to take Lewis to the ground, but Lewis reversed him, landed on top in full mount, and then smothered Browne. Lewis was clearly tired, but he postured up, and dropped some heavy punches & elbows, while continuing to lay all of his body weight on Browne. Browne stood back up with 2 minutes left in the round, but Lewis immediately dropped Browne with a massive right hand, and then he bounched Browne's head off the canvas with some brutal ground & pound. The referee told Browne to defend himself, but Browne was clearly unconscious as his head continued to bounce off the canvas. The referee finally stopped the fight, WAY too fucking late. That was a fantastic finish by Derrick Lewis, after fighting his way through some serious trouble in the first round. Derrick Lewis is a fucking beast!
TKO (Punches)
      Lewis threw a head kick 30 seconds into the first round, Shamil caught it, and took him to the ground, landing in side control. He setup a keylock, Lewis defended, Shamil cranked it again, and Lewis just randomly stood up without even trying. I thought he was in serious trouble there, but Lewis looks like he just woke up from a nap. Shamil pressed Lewis up against the fence. Shamil threw a few knees to Lewis's legs, but not a lot was happening, so they reset back in the center of the cage. Shamil worked some more clinching, not a lot was happening, they reset again, Lewis threw another silly kick, Shamil caught it, punched him, and took Lewis down again to finish the round on top in full mount. Round one clearly goes to Shamil Abdurakhimov.
      They clinched to start the second round, Lewis landed a decent knee, Shamil tried to take him down, but that didn't work, so the referee reset them, but Shamil immediately clinched again. Lewis is having some trouble with his right eye, he seems to think he was poked, but apparently it was just the glove of Shamil that scraped his eye. Lewis threw another bad kick, and Shamil caught it again, taking him to the ground again without any trouble whatsoever. Lewis randomly went for a shocking leg lock attempt, but Shamil escaped, and then took him down again. Lewis landed some big punches during that brief scramble, but I still have Shamil ahead 2-0 going into the third round.
      Lewis threw a knee to start the third round, Shamil caught it, took him down again, but Lewis sort of stuffed the shot, stood back up, and blasted Shamil with some heavy punches. Lewis landed some more punches, and Shamil just circled around him slowly on the outside edge of the cage. The crowd is clearly falling asleep here. Lewis clinched 2 minutes into the round, and then ducked down for a takedown, but Shamil easily stuffed the shot. Shamil threw a spinning back fist, Lewis fired back with some big punches, Shamil ducked under them, and scored another takedown with 2 minutes left in the round. Shamil went for that keylock again, Lewis pulled guard, and they just kind of hung out there for a while. This fight so far has been a surprisingly terrible fight. The referee stood them up with a minute left in the round, and Lewis chased Shamil, throwing wid punches, but he wasn't connecting, as Shamil was literally just running away. The referee just shocked me, by warning Shamil that he would take a point away if Shamil doesn't start fighting. Lewis threw some wild punches in the final 15 seconds. Shamil is probably ahead 3-0 going into the fourth round, but you could make an argument that Lewis won that round, by being a lot more aggressive. Shamil seems absolutely exhausted.
      Lewis threw another bad head kick to start the fourth round, Shamil caught it, threw him to the ground, Lewis stood back up, and started throwing some bombs, with a few of them connecting. I'm starting to think that he was starting slow to conserve energy for the 5 round fight. Shamil clinched though, and pressed Lewis into the fence 90 seconds into the fourth round. They broke apart, Lewis blasted Shamil with some heavy punches again, and then they just stood there and stared at each other for a while. Lewis shot for an aggressive takedown with 2 minutes left in the round, he pinned Shamil against the fence, he blasted him with a LOT of the heaviest punches of the fight so far, as he was caving Shamil's head into the ground, Lewis secured full mount, unloaded with some extremely violent punches, and the referee was forced to stop the fight. That fight was terrible, but that finish was pretty badass, as usual. I'm glad to see Lewis's winning streak is still intact.
Decision (Split)
      Lewis started this fight by throwing a couple of hard body kicks. They clinched, and Nelson pressed him up against the cage. The referee split them up due to inactivity, and Derrick Lewis blasted Nelson with some hard shots, possibly rocking him. Lewis followed him toward the cage, and then Nelson finally scored a takedown halfway through the opening round. Lewis exploded back to his feet, and then he nearly knocked Roy's head off with some brutal punches & knees, while chasing him around the cage. Nelson shot for another desperate takedown, and Lewis stuffed this one. Nelson pressed him against the cage, and stalled again. The referee split them up due to inactivity again. Lewis unloaded on Nelson again with massive punches, he threw a head kick, landed some more punches, and Nelson took him down again in the final 10 seconds. Nelson landed a few takedowns, but Lewis CLEARLY won that round by basically beating the living shit out of Nelson for 4+ minutes.
     Lewis threw a flying knee early in the second round. Every time I think he's exhausted, he explodes and throws some crazy shit that looks brutal as fuck. Nelson spent a good portion of the round stalking Lewis, but he wasn't really throwing much. Lewis looked liek he was waiting to counter something, but there was nothing to counter. Nelson pressed him against the cage again, and stalled again. Nelson finally scored another takedown with 2 minutes left in the second round, and he landed in side control this time. Lewis powered his way back to his feet, Nelson tried to take his back, and then took Lewis down again, but Lewis popped right back up this time. Nelson scored one more takedown with 30 seconds left in the round. Lewis stood back up again, and finished the round with a couple of hard punches. I'm assuming Nelson won that round, but all he's doing is stalling. Lewis COULD be up by a round if the first round was 10-8, but more than likely, it's all tied up going into the final round.
     Lewis threw a head kick and a flying knee to start the final round. Nelson pressed him against the cage again. Nelson punched Lewis in the leg a few times, but this was all about the stall again. Nelson scored another takedown 90 seconds into the final round. Nelson laid on him for a minute or so, and then Lewis stood back up. Nelson continued to pressure him against the cage. Lewis landed some elbows to the side of Nelson's head, and then Nelson took him down again, but Lewis stood back up immediately. The referee split them up with 90 seconds left in the fight. Lewis went back to throwing bombs at Nelson's head. He landed another hard kick to the body as well. Lewis blasted Nelson with some brutal punches again, landed another knee, rocked Nelson, and then Nelson hugged him again with 30 seconds left in the fight. Lewis got some space, and continued to throw bombs at Nelson, and nearly knocked his head off with 10 seconds left in the fight. Nelson spent a lot of time on top, but he didn't do SHIT. Lewis on the other hand, spent a LOT of time looking for the kill, and he landed some BRUTAL shit. Hands down, Lewis wins this fight 29-28 in my opinion. If Nelson wins, I'm going to go punch the first bearded person with a mullet I see. Two judges agreed with me, and that's all I needed, giving him the split-decision victory. Lewis is The Black Beast for real.
KO (Punches)
      Lewis started this fight with a massive head kick, and then Gonzaga slowly pulled him to the ground, ending up in side control. Lewis slowly worked his way back to his feet, Gonzaga continued to look for a takedown, and Lewis hit him with some elbows. Gonzaga continued to try to work for a slow shitty takedown, Lewis continued to shrug it off, Lewis got pissed at the end of the round and absolutely slaughtered Gonzaga with big punches, knocking him on his ass, causing Gonzaga to collapse face first. Really nice finish for Derrick Lewis against a former title contender. Derrick Lewis MIGHT just be legit, eh?
TKO (Punches)
      Grabowski started this fight looking for a takedown, but Lewis flipped him over, ending up in top position, inside Grabowski's open guard. From there, Lewis opened up with some pretty heavy ground & pound, making Grabowski look like he didn't have a ground game at all. Lewis continued to pound on him with massive punches & elbows, and the referee eventually stopped the fight. Really solid victory for Derrick Lewis.
     It was kind of a cold start in this fight, with Lewis securing an early takedown, but they got right back up, and then Pesta took Lewis down from the clinch, landing in side control. Pesta hit him a few times, went for the mounted crucifix, and Lewis used that to get back to his feet. Pesta kept the clinch though, and once again secured another takedown. Lewis then went for a silly Kimura, while Pesta was practically mounting him. They got back to their feet, and Pesta took him down again from the clinch. Pesta was pretty clearly just trying to wear down the cardio of Lewis, not really delivering any damage, just hanging onto him, and avoiding Lewis's striking game. Lewis landed a few strikes to start the second round, but again, Pesta went straight to the clinch, and then secured another takedown. They got back up, and then Pesta took him down again. After about 9 minutes of boredom, with Pesta dominating the wrestling game, Lewis got back up with about 45 seconds left in the round, and BEAT THE LIVING SHIT out of Pesta, nearly finishing him with some punches on the feet, and then some brutal elbows & punches on the ground. Lewis pretty clearly stole that round in the final 45 seconds. The final round started with Pesta shooting for another takedown, Lewis stuffed it, mounted Pesta, and beat the shit out of him, finishing him with punches early in the third round. GREAT comeback victory for Derrick Lewis.
TKO (Hook Kick & Punches)
      This fight was pretty fun. Lewis showed some really aggressive powerful strikes in the first round, beating Jordan's ass for a good portion of the round, but Jordan was able to take him down to the ground, where I feel he left the first round in a Draw. The second round started with the massive Jordan, throwing a wacky hook kick, that clipped Lewis's chin, knocking him kookie, as Lewis wobbled backwards, fell to the ground, and then Jordan pounced on him, and destroyed him with punches, as Lewis tried to roll over to his stomach to escape, but Jordan just wouldn't stop, and the referee was forced to end the fight. Awesome win for Shawn Jordan, who is now on a 3-Fight winning streak.
TKO (Punches)
      Why is Ruan Potts still fighting in the UFC? This is ridiculous. This was his third fight in the UFC, and third loss via ass beating. Derrick Lewis looked pretty good, showing some solid striking skills, hard ground & pound, decent ground control, etc... He even escaped a tight kneebar. But... I mean... He beat Ruan Potts... If Ruan Potts isn't a tomato, I don't know who is. I do like Derrick Lewis though, so I look forward to seeing who he fights next.
KO (Punches)
      This was pretty awesome. Derrick Lewis seemed to think he was on the fast track to a title shot, so he called out Mitrione, and Mitrione responded by KNOCKING HIM THE FUCK OUT in under a minute of the first round. I've been saying Mitrione should be somewhere around the Top 5 Heavyweights in the UFC for a while, so it kind of pisses me off that he's not even ranked. But yeah, Mitrione is a badass, and I like him more and more, every time I see him smash a guy like this. So yeah, give Mitrione a Top 10 guy at least, and let's see where he can go from there. Awesome win for Matt Mitrione.
TKO (Punches)
      This fight was kind of awkward, but ended with a bang. Derrick Lewis reminds me of Gary Goodridge, giant black dude, took his opponent to the ground, sort of laid on him for a minute or so, and then eventually started unloading punches, and knocked Guto Inocente out by bouncing his head off the mat repeatedly with punches. So yeah, good win for Derrick Lewis, and the heavyweight division isn't exactly stacked, but I was kind of surprised that this guy is already signaling that he's looking for a title shot. Still, nice win by Derrick Lewis.
     YEAH! Two brand new hard hitting heavyweights. I've been waiting for the UFC to get some new heavyweight talent, and it looks like both of these guys have the potential to kick some serious ass. Jack May has some really great striking skills, throwing HEAVY leg kicks at the start of the fight, and he also had some shockingly good grappling skills. But Lewis was able to take him to the ground, eventually won a scramble, and landed some heavy punches on the ground, forcing the referee to stop the fight, and apparently May hurt his knee at some point, so I guess that's probably why he kind of died off later in the round. But yeah, awesome fight by both guys, and congrats to Lewis for winning his UFC debut. It was also funny, because during his post fight interview, he told Joe that Bruce Buffer's voice put his body to sleep, like he was hypnotized or some shit? I was confused by that, but whatever. Funny shit.
      This fight was all about Johnson taking Lewis to the ground repeatedly, and battering him with elbows. The longer the fight lasted, the more exhausted both guys looked, and eventually, the pace started to grind a little bit. Lewis was able to win the third round, by rocking Johnson with a few solid punches, but in the end, it's not enough to win the fight against two rounds of being dominated by Johnson's wrestling. Nice win for Tony Johnson.