TKO (Knees & Punches)
      Brunson clinched with double underhooks to start the first round. Brunson grabbed Adesanya's shorts twice, so the referee took away the position and reset them with a stern warning. Brunson shot for a terrible takedown, which Adesanya just walked out of, leaving Brunson on the ground, grabbing for Adesanya's toes. That happened a few more times, and Adesanya continued to show some fantastic takedown defense. Adesanya dropped Brunson with some big knees, a head kick, some punches, he dropped him multiple times, and then the referee finally had to stop the fight as Brunson was having trouble getting back to his feet. That was a fantastic finish by Israel Adesanya, and the one weakness people thought he might have (wrestling), he completely nullified with fantastic defense. Israel Adesanya is one of my favorite fighters right now, and I'm looking forward to seeing what kind of damage he can do to the UFC Middleweight division.
TKO (Head Kick & Punches)
      These guys traded a few random strikes to start the first round, but it was a very slow opening, with both guys just throwing single shots. Jacare shot for a takedown halfway through the round, but Brunson stuffed the shot, so they backed out and reset. Souza dropped Brunson with a big head kick, with around 90 seconds left in the opening round, Brunson tried to climb the fence to get back to his feet, Souza just walked up to him like a gangster, blasted him with some big punches, and the referee stepped in to stop the fight. That was another fantastic finish by Ronaldo Souza as he gets back on track, taking out a solid contender.
KO (Punches)
      I was pretty excited about this fight, until we got a minute into the fight, and I remembered who Lyoto Machida is. He's an expert counter-striker, meaning he isn't going to bring the fight to you at all, and instead, if you don't attack him, you'll just have full rounds of both guys circling around each other. Machida landed one slick looking punch, but it was soft. Brunson eventually blasted him with a huge left hook, Machida was wobbled, Brunson knocked him down with some more punches, and then he bounced Machida's head off hte canvas a few times with some big punches on the ground. That was a really nice win for Derek Brunson, and a piss poor return for Machida after being away for over two years.
KO (Punches)
      Brunson started the first round by working his leg kicks, while Kelly was still trying to find his range. Brunson whiffed with a few big punches, and then finally he knocked Kelly the fuck out with a big overhand left, Kelly's head bounced off the canvas, Brunson jumped on him, pounded on his head for a few seconds, and the referee was finally able to stop the fight. That was a fantastic finish by Derek Brunson, ending the crazy underdog 4-Fight winning streak of Daniel Kelly, in Kelly's next door neighbor's backyard.
      This fight started very slowly, with Silva landing a few nice counterpunches, but neither fighter wanted to engage. Silva opened up a little bit a couple of minutes into the round, forcing Brunson to shoot for a takedown, which Silva easily stuffed. They both traded some wild strikes, they both got clipped a few times, Brunson shot for another takedown, Silva stuffed it, and countered with some solid knees from the clinch. Shit got crazy, Silva went in for the kill, threw a spinning wheel kick, they clinched, Silva clinched, threw a few knees, and Brunson unloaded with a million uppercuts from the clinch. Silva slipped in the final few seconds of the round after throwing a flying knee, and Brunson ended the round on top. I scored that round for Silva, but I'm on the edge of my seat, I have no idea what to expect from the next two rounds.
     Brunson shot for a takedown early in the second round, and Silva sprawled the shit out of it. Silva continued to chop away at Brunson with a wide variety of punches & knees & kicks, Brunson scored a takedown 2 minutes into the round, and then Silva stood back up with ease. Brunson continued to press him against the fence in the clinch. They reset with 90 seconds left in the round, and Brunson shot for another takedown, and the shot was stuffed again. Silva worked some wild Capoeira shit, and landed a few more strikes to finish out the round. I have Silva ahead 2-0 going into the final round, but it's a very close fight.
     Brunson shot for a few more takedowns to start the third round, and Silva was sprawling all over him, and tossing him to the side. Brunson continued to plow forward, and Silva was picking him apart with counter strikes. Brunson scored a takedown with 90 seconds left in the fight, and landed inside Silva's guard. Silva blasted him with a hard elbow to the chin from his back. Silva continued to land elbows from his back, and Brunson tried to land some punches, but he was missing with most of his shots. I personally am scoring this fight for Anderson Silva, but I don't feel confident that the decision will go his way. OH SNAP! All 3 judges gave the fight to Anderson Silva, and one judge even agreed with me, giving him all 3 rounds. I'm pretty excited about this, since I really feel like Silva NEEDED this win. Pretty solid fight overall, with a lot of weird exchanges.
TKO (Head Kick & Punches)
      These aren't the two biggest names in the Middleweight Division, but they do have two of the longest active winning streaks going into this fight, so it's a big deal. Whittaker blasted Brunson with some clean punches, while stuffing his shots. Brunson landed some big punches as well, and then Brunson went into full on rabid bull mode, as he just charged forward, throwing everything he had in the first 2 minutes of the round, swinging wildly, while chasing Whittaker. Whittaker did a great job stuffing shots, landing clean punches, and hammering Brunson's body with knees, but Brunson's offense was literally insane. Brunson weathered that early storm, and then he fucking dismantled Brunson with brilliant boxing, a head kick, all kinds of violent offense, Brunson was practically out on his feet, Whittaker dropped him, continued to unload with big punches, and the fight was stopped in the first round, as Whittaker ends Brunson's insane winning streak, and Whittaker continues to climb the rankings, positioning himself awfully close to a title shot in my opinion. That was possibly the most insane fight of the year so far, and that was a HUGE win for Robert Whittaker. This dude is fucking legit!!!
TKO (Punches & Elbows)
      Hall sort of rushed in, they clinched before any strikes were thrown, and Brunson nearly tripped Hall, but Hall did a good job catching himself, so they continued to battle in the clinch. Brunson backed off for a second, and then landed a big knee to the body, and some short punches. They split up, Hall threw a kick, Brunson landed a massive left hook that dropped Hall. Brunson followed him to the ground, continued to unload with some big punches & elbows, Hall looked like he was out, so the referee stopped the fight, and Hall immediately popped up and said it was an early stoppage, but honestly, he was fucked up, and if the ref didn't stop the fight, Brunson would have smashed his head through the canvas. Another badass first round KO victory for Brunson, and honestly, it's hard not to think that he deserves a title shot at this point. He has to be right up there with the top 3-4 of the division at least. 5-Fight winning streak, with 4 first round knockouts? COME ON! Brunson is fucking LEGIT!
TKO (Punches)
      Brunson was a pretty big favorite going into this fight, and he basically came out, beat up Carneiro on the feet with some random punches, he eventually knocked him down, pinned him against the cage, and then turned into a helicopter blade, swinging both arms wildly, with nonstop punches, landing directly on the head of Carneiro, as Carneiro was pinned against the cage so he couldn't really do anything to defend himself. The referee gave him plenty of time to defend himself, but eventually, Carneiro went out for a second, and the fight was stopped. Really big win for Derek Brunson, in impressive fashion.
TKO (Punches)
      Well, that was kind of hard to watch, since I wanted Alvey to win this one. But yeah, Derek Brunson is a beast, and I figured he'd probably be too much for Alvey. Brunson was way more active, his pressure was too much for Alvey, he closed the distance early, and then destroyed Alvey with big punches, throwing all of his body weight into each one, rocking Alvey a few times, knocking him flat on his face, and then he finished him with some ground & pound. You could argue that the stoppage was a LITTLE bit premature, especially since Alvey has a reputation for great comebacks, but I mean... He was getting fucked up, so... I'm not going to complain too much about the stoppage. Really nice TKO victory for Derek Brunson against a tough opponent.
TKO (Punches)
      Wow, that was a nice quick fight. Herman got punched in the face, and then he got punched in the face again, wobbled backwards and Brunson finished him off with another 12 or so punches in the next 2-3 seconds. So yeah, Ed Herman got his ass kicked, and Brunson got a fast quick win.
      Well, that was a decent fight I guess. Larkin started out looking ok in the first round, landing a few decent strikes, but ultimately, the rest of this fight consisted of Brunson taking the fight to the ground, and absolutely dominating Larkin for the majority of the fight. So yeah, it was pretty easy to score, 30-27 in favor of Derek Brunson, and all 3 judges agreed.
TKO (Punches & Elbows)
      This fight was pretty awesome, between a couple of guys that I have really close to Top 10 positions at 185, so this was exciting for me. Especially since Romero looks unstoppable, and Brunson took the fight to him for the first two rounds. Both rounds were close, but I think Brunson did enough to win the first two rounds. As usual though, Romero finished this fight with some HUGE strikes, knocking Brunson to the ground in the third round, and then BRUTALLY beating him with punches, and THICK elbows to the body, it looked like he was going to chop his body in half with those elbows. Brutal beating, and awesome win for Romero.
(Rear-Naked Choke)
     Derek who? Brian who? OH SHIT! Derek Brunson just kicked Houston in the head, Houston dropped, Brunson jumped on his back like a wild panther or some shit, and choked Houston the FUCK OUT, with a rear-naked choke! Brilliant way to start off the show, and I'm glad that they showed this prelim on TV. Definitely a deserving win for Derek Brunson.
      This fight was pretty boring. Chris Leben's big return after a vacation of some sort, and he looked like he was fighting his way through a puddle of pudding the entire time. Brunson looked tired the entire fight, but he was able to take Leben down multiple times, and pretty much controlled the pace of the fight, so yeah, Brunson wins, whoever he is.
KO (Punches)
      This was the first fight that actually felt like it mattered on this card. Former Strikeforce Champ, Jacare Souza, knocked Brunson the fuck out early in the first round. He knocked him down with a brutal counter punch, he backed off, Brunson started to get up, so Jacare attacked him again, and again, until eventually the referee was forced to stop the fight. Jacare's striking looked SHARP! Good show! This guy should go to the UFC. Based on the fights I've seen tonight so far, I wouldn't mind seeing Jacare Souza fight Anthony Smith. That's one of the few fights Strikeforce can put together, that I would actually get excited for.
      Derek Brunson grabbed James early in the first round, and slammed him to the ground from the clinch. They eventually stood back up, and Brunson poked James in the eye with an open palm strike to the face. Brunson scored another takedown at the end of the round, but James popped right back up. Brunson secured another takedown to start the second round, and smothered James for most of the round, and even almost finished the fight with a rear-naked choke about halfway through the round, but James was able to escape without a lot of effort. Brunson secured it again, this time it looked really tight, but James slipped out again. James finally got back up, but Brunson was able to unload an AWESOME belly to back suplex, slamming James to the ground, but James rolled through, went for a kneebar, Brunson escaped, and ended up on the back of James again. James was putting up a fight, but Brunson clearly dominated the first two rounds. Brunson started working his kicks, both to the head & legs of James in the third round. He also took the fight to the ground a couple more times, but wasn't really able to do anything on the ground. So yeah, very clear 30-27 victory for Brunson, but for a fight that he dominated for 15 minutes, he never really came close to finishing James at all, other than those rear-naked choke attempts, which James somehow slipped out of without any problem at all.
Submission (Rear-Naked Choke)
      This was a pretty entertaining fight, with Brunson showing some solid wrestling skills, taking Sayers down repeatedly. They both went kind of crazy with the strikes, trying to take each other out, but Brunson was landing the better shots, especially with his head kicks, and his flying superman atomic bomb drop crazy chaos torpedo move or whatever... So uh... Yeah... Derek Brunson wins via rear-naked choke near the end of the first round. Really fun fight while it lasted.
      Brunson executed several nice trip takedowns in the first round, as well as unloading some solid ground & pound, beating up Hamilton for most of the round. He even slammed his way out of an armbar attempt, which is always fun. Bruson wins the second round as well, by controlling Hamilton with his wrestling, and beating him up some more. The third round was more of the same, with a tired Derek Brunson winning via unanimous decision, 30-27 on all scorecards.