Submission (Rear-Naked Choke)
      Fishgold immediately shot in for a takedown, Teymur blatantly grabbed the fence, so Herb Dean immediately took a point from Teymur. When the fight continued, Fishgold went right back into digging for another takedown, which he secured this time. The popped back up, and then Fishgold scored another takedown, and took Teymur's back this time, but Teymur was able to shake him off, and then work some ground & pound, probably nullifying Fishgold's takedowns so far. Fishgold scrambled back to his feet with 2 minutes left in the round, they traded some punches, Fishgold scored another takedown with a minute left, he took Teymur's back again, mounted him, punched him a few times, and finished the round with an armbar attempt. That should be a 10-8 round for Fishgold, since Teymur lost the point in the opening seconds.
     Fishgold scored another quick takedown to start the second round, he secured a tight half mount, Teymur gave up his back, Fishgold slapped on a rear-naked choke, and finished the fight by submission, earning his first UFC victory. Daniel Teymur on the other hand, is now 0-3 in the UFC.
TKO (Punches)
      Fishgold came out throwing wild punches, and he was throwing a ton of combinations in the first round, and he clipped Kattar with some solid shots, but Kattar did a good job staying calm, and he opened a big cut under Fishgold's left eye with a jab. Kattar then rocked and dropped Fishgold late in the round, he jumped on him, unloaded with some big punches, and the fight was stopped. That was a solid debut for Fishgold, while it lasted, but it was an even more impressive finish by Calvin Kattar. I'm really becoming a fan of Calvin Kattar.