KO (Punch)
      Laprise started this fight by chipping away with some slick boxing, some heavy leg kicks, and a lot of pressure, Lima's back was against the fence for most of the fight, and then Lima landed ONE significant left hand, that knocked Laprise the fuck out. That was a fantastic finish by Dhiego Lima, ending his 3-Fight losing streak, with a win over a heavy favorite.
KO (Punch)
      This fight didn't start with much action. Laprise basically clinched and pushed Luque against the fence. They eventually split up, and traded a few strikes, but nothing was really happening at all. Luque then blasted Laprise with a short left hook that knocked Laprise down, his head bounced off the canvas, Luque threw a few more punches on the ground, and the fight was stopped. That was a nice win for Luque, but it wasn't a very exciting fight until that explosive finish.
TKO (Punches)
      Bofando came out with his awkward Karate dancing, Laprise tried to work his way around the outside, and then Bofando dropped him a minute into the opening round with a clean right hand, and then he towered above him on the ground, and unloaded with some big punches, while Laprise tried to tie up Bofando's legs. Bofando let him stand back up a few seconds later. Laprise tripped Bofando and then settled into side control 2 minutes into the round. Laprise tried to chip away with some short elbows, while Bofando squirmed around on the ground, showing a clear weakness off his back. Laprise passed to full mount with 90 seconds left in the round. He continued to chip away with some fast punches & short elbows, while Bofando randomly squirmed around on the ground with no clear path to defend himself. Laprise eventually opened up a cut on Bofando's forehead, and the referee decided to stop the fight. That was a big win for Chad Laprise, especially after nearly getting knocked out in the opening seconds of the fight.
TKO (Knee & Punches)
      Camozzi started this fight by throwing some lanky kicks, and Laprise blasted him in the face with a hard punch. They continued to trade strikes at a decent pace, with Camozzi moving forward constantly, but Laprise was blasting him with really fast hands, while bouncing around the outside. Camozzi was still landing some clean shots from far away, but Laprise's offense appeared to be way more active for the most part. Laprise caught a kick, and then took Camozzi down with 30 seconds left in the round. Round one goes to Laprise.
     Camozzi was active with his striking in the second round, but he was having trouble keeping up witih the speed of Laprise, as Laprise continued to bounce around the outside, while working his boxing. They both continued to work at a solid pace for the rest of the round, but I have Laprise ahead 20-18 going into the final round, without any real questions at this point.
     They continued to strike with each other in the third round, Laprise hurt Camozzi with some hard shots to the body, Camozzi backed up, and Laprise went in for the kill, nearly blasting a hole through Camozzi's body with brutal punch combinations, he hit him with a hard knee that dropped him, and then he continued to unload with violent punch combinations, finishing the fight in brutal fashion. That was a fantastic performance by Chad Laprise.
KO (Punches)
      These guys came out and traded some clunky strikes, and then Laprise pressed Gouti against the fence in a clinch. The split up, traded a few punches, Laprise rocked Gouti with a beautiful left right combo, and then unloaded with a lot of punches, chasing him to the ground with some punches from behind, eventually forcing the referee to stop the fight fairly early in the first round. Great KO finish for Chad Laprise. Gouti stood back up and clearly didn't know where he was. This SHOULD mark the pink slip for Gouti at this point, since his UFC record is now 0-3.
Decision (Split)
      The opening round was basically a kickboxing match, with both guys landing some head kicks, some hard leg kicks, and a few decent punches. Pearson destroyed Chad's lead leg though, especially the inner thigh, which looked like a bloody mess by the end of the first round. I'm giving the first round to Pearson, based on that damage to Chad's leg.
     The second round was another wild kickboxing match, with both guys landing some great strikes. Pearson continued to beat up that lead leg of Laprise, and he landed some hard punches as well. Laprise on the other hand, was trying to knock Pearson's head off with head kicks, and he landed some hard leg kicks as well. I REALLY have no idea who is winning this fight, so I'm going to give the first round to Pearson, and the second round to Laprise. The fight comes down to what happens in the third round in my opinion.
     The continued the kickboxing strategy all the way through the final round, with both guys landing a lot of great shots. Pearson appeared to be slightly more aggressive in that final round, going into psycho warrior mode for the final 30 seconds or so. That fight could potentially go either way, but I have it scored as a strong 29-28 in favor of Ross Pearson. The judges were all over the place, with one judge scoring it 30-28 for Laprise, one judge gave it to Pearson, 30-27, and the other one gave it to Pearson, 29-28, for the split-decision victory. Really solid fight overall.
TKO (Punches)
      YES! I love it when my underdog picks win. Trinaldo is becoming one of my favorite fighters for that very reason. Laprise looked to have the clear speed advantage on the feet, but he got blasted in the face with a big punch, Trinaldo took him to the ground, Trinaldo got on Laprise's back, and then punched him in the head until the referee stopped the fight, handing Laprise the first loss of his career. Really big win for Francisco Trinaldo!
      I was blown away by Barberena the first time I saw him a few months ago, when he dismantled Joe Ellenberger, at UFC on Fox 13. Well here he is again, and he sort of got picked apart by Laprise. The first round clearly went to Laprise, the second round was a little bit closer, and probably could have gone either way. I would give the third round to Barberena, but the longer the fight went, the slower and more dull it got. In the end, I probably would have declared this fight a draw, because I just don't think either guy really tried hard enough to win this one. All 3 judges gave it to Laprise though, and one even gave him all 3 rounds, so... Blame Canada... Realistically, he probably deserved to win, but I wasn't really impressed with either guy tonight.
      I wasn't really into this fight at all. In my opinion, this fight should have had "undercard" written all over it. Chad Laprise pretty clearly won all 3 rounds, by taking Cedeno down in all 3 rounds, and landing more punches, but... I just wasn't into this fight at all. So yeah, congrats to Laprise for winning the fight, but I didn't even have these guys ranked in the Top 50 at 155 going into this fight. It's hard to really give a shit about either guy at this point.
Decision (Split)
      This was a decent final fight for the 170 division tournament. They kept referring to Mercier as the next GSP or some shit, during the season, but I didn't really see that at all. Laprise sort of kicked his ass in this fight, throwing harder strikes, and landing more, so congrats to him for winning the fight. I could feel Dana cringe though, once Laprise started to give his speech after the fight, due to his stuttering issues. Not exactly the kind of spokesperson that Dana would prefer. But yeah, decent fight overall.
     The first round had both guys bouncing around a lot, while trading some random punches & leg kicks. The first round was pretty close for the most part, but I think Kajan MIGHT have done enough late in the round, to possibly steal the round. Laprise also had a small cut under his right eye, so I guess damage has to count for something, right?
      The second round was another close round of kickboxing, with both guys landing some decent shots, and both guys were moving around quite a bit. Honestly, either fighter could have been winning this fight up through the first half of the second round. With a minute or so left in the second round, Laprise blasted Kajan with a massive right hand that broke his jaw and caused him to faceplant. That was a decent fight, with a fucking BRUTAL knockout being delivered by Chad Laprise. Music kicked on after the fight ended, that made it sound like Kajan's career was over or something. Congrats to Laprise for a really solid win though.
      The first round had Laprise dancing around a lot, while picking apart Indich with random punches. Indich fired back with a few decent shots, but he wasn't nearly as actrive as Laprise. Laprise started to mix in some nice body & leg kicks in the last half of the round. Indich tried to get more aggressive later in the round, but that just caused him to run head first into some slick boxing combinations from Laprise. Round one clearly goes to Chad Laprise.
      The second round was another solid round of boxing, with most of the offense being delivered by Chad Laprise. His hands look good, his footwork looks good, and for the most part, this entire fight was all about Indich getting outclassed on the feet. He tried to take the fight to the ground 90 seconds into the second round, but Laprise stuffed his shot with ease. Laprise continued to beat up Indich for the rest of the round, chopping up his face with punches, while Laprise remained relatively unscathed.
      I'm really impressed by the speed & footwork of Laprise's boxing. He pretty much beat the shit out of Robinson in the first round of this fight, and Robinson was barely able to touch him. By the end of the round, Robinson was landing some decent leg kicks, but Laprise knocked him down again with some more hard punches. Really impressive first round for Chad Laprise. The round ended with Robinson throwing a flying knee from halfway across the cage, and he missed by a mile, nearly knocking himself out when he hit the ground. The pace slowed down a bit in the second round, and Robinson continued his sloppy offense, and Laprise continued to do a good job avoiding damage, while picking apart Robinson on the feet. Robinson was completely gassed, and Laprise was slowing beating on him. They were both visibly exhausted coming out for the third round. Neither guy had enough gas left in the third round to finish the fight, but Laprise had JUST enough gas left, to pull off the 30-27 unanimous decision, after clearly winning all 3 rounds.
Submission (Triangle Choke)
      These guys came out, both showing solid speed, and Laprise showing some good boxing skills, but Taveirne was able to take him to the ground without a lot of resistance. They went back to their feet, and Taveirne continued to grind away from the clinch. Taveirne SLAMMED Laprise to the ground with a nice belly to belly suplex attempt, but he landed in the guard of Laprise, where Laprise was able to finish him off with a tight triangle choke. Really nice Bellator debut for Chad Laprise.