The first round had Rothwell plowing forward like a clumsy ogre, and Arlovski was picking him apart with his fast hands. Rothwell was a bloody mess by the end of the opening round, and Arlovski was looking pretty sharp, but every time Rothwell touched Arlovski, it seemed to stun him for a second, so... Rothwell just needs to land more. For now, Arlovski takes a 10-9 lead.
     The second round was another round of Arlovski chipping away at Rothwell. Arlovski looks sharp tonight, and Rothwell just looks big & slow. I have Arlovski ahead 20-18 going into the final round. This has been a pretty good brawl so far between a couple of huge heavyweights.
     Rothwell landed some big shots in the final round, and sort of tried to secure a takedown, but he just wasn't able to keep Arlovski under control. With 2 minutes left in the fight, they both looked absolutely exhausted. Rothwell wobbled Arlovski with 90 seconds left in the fight, but neither fighter had any actual gas left. They both just collapsed at the end of the fight. This should probably be a 29-28 decision for Arlovski. All 3 judges scored the fight 30-27 for Andrei Arlovski.
      The first round had Rothwell plodding forward, while Ivanov was looking to counter, and neither fighter did much of anything significant. The second round was more of the same, with Rothwell moving forward, but Ivanov blasted him with some big shots, and then they both started blasting each other with bombs late in the round. This fight is close, so I'm not really sure who is winning after the first two rounds. It's probably all tied up at this point? I don't know. Rothwell laid it on strong in the final round, so I would give that round to Rothwell, but the first two were close enough to cause some confusion. By the end of the fight, both guys had their faces smashed in, so the fight probably could have gone either way. I probably would have scored the fight 29-28 for Rothwell, but all 3 judges gave the 29-28 unanimous decision victory to Blagoy Ivanov.
      Well... That was a shitty performance by Rothwell. I gave him the first round, because he landed some decent combinations, but that round could have gone to dos Santos. The next 4 rounds consisted of Rothwell throwing single shots in zombie mode, while Santos danced around, picking him apart with his boxing, making Rothwell look like a fool. I was all aboard the Rothwell hype train going into this fight, but fuuuuuuck that. I feel like dos Santos is washed up, and he just beat the shit out of Rothwell for 4-5 rounds. This heavyweight division is in real trouble in my opinion. Not because dos Santos is going to destroy people, but... it's just... There aren't that many good heavyweights left at this point. It's a depressing division. Congrats to dos Santos for the unanimous decision victory though, after getting blasted by Alistair Overeem 4 months ago. At this point, I couldn't really care less who these guys fight next. I'm just sick of seeing the same guys fight for titles over and over again.
Submission (Gogo Choke)
      The first round was kind of slow paced, with both guys exchanging strikes. Rothwell looked like he was throwing bombs, but they didn't seem to do any damage. Barnett on the other hand was landing some nice technical strikes, and he busted up Rothwell's nose, and opened up a cut under Rothwell's left eye. I gave the first round to Barnett based on damage. The second round was more of the same, with Barnett strategically picking apart Rothwell with punches, until Barnett shot for a takedown, Rothwell locked on another weird guillotine choke, he used that to pin Barnett, and then Barnett tapped. I've NEVER seen Barnett even close to tapping. He tapped to Cro Cop twice, once because of a shoulder injury, and the second time was due to strikes, but... Rothwell just legit tapped his ass out with a choke. THAT IS FUCKING INSANE. Maybe now people won't make fun of Mitrione for getting tapped with that same choke. Rothwell is a fucking monster.
Submission (Gogo Choke)
      Oh man, that was kind of brutal. Both of these guys are massive, and they both came out throwing big clubbing punches, but not a lot was really happening there. Mitrione eventually shot in for a takedown, got caught with a front choke, tried to pull out, they both collapsed to the ground, with Big Ben Rothwell's chest on the back of Mitrione's head, as he tightened his grip, and forced MItrione to tapout with both hands. Really huge submission victory for Big Ben Rothwell. He also had a pretty entertaining promo he cut after the fight, where he basically said he wants the #1 contender spot. I don't think he's quite THERE yet, but I mean... I had Mitrione ranked #4 going into this fight, with Rothwell somewhere around #11. So... This has to put Rothwell in the Top 5 somewhere at least, right?
TKO (Punches)
      Yikes... Alistair Overeem was well on his way to embarrassing Rothwell by picking him apart with big punches, kicks to the legs, and knees to the body, with Rothwell barely even defending himself. And then seemingly out of nowhere, Rothwell rocked Overeem with a big punch, and they continued to fight for another minute or so, until Rothwell knocked Overeem to the ground, and finished him off with some big punches on the ground. So yeah, Alistair Overeem is an AWESOME offensive fighter, but his defense fucking sucks. He sort of reminds me of Andrei Arlovski with his chin issues. You know, I wouldn't mind seeing Arlovski vs. Overeem next, eh? On a side note though, this was a pretty huge win for Ben Rothwell, possibly the biggest win of his career?
TKO (Punches & Knees)
      Holy shit! The first two rounds of this fight were "ok", but I wasn't really getting that into it. I gave both of those rounds to Brandon Vera, but it was close. Ben Rothwell went FUCKING CRAZY in the third round though, and he ABSOLUTELY DESTROYED Vera, transforming into a 262 pound Clay Guida, and he just went FUCKING NUTS. Brandon Vera just got beat down. That was a brutal ending to an otherwise mediocre fight.
Submission (Guillotine Choke)
      This was kind of a boring fight, between two Top 20 Heavyweights. The first round was basically just filled with slow heavyweight punching, and Gonzaga trying to take Rothwell to the ground. The second round, Gonzaga locked on a standing guillotine choke, dropped to his guard, and finished the fight there. I still think both of these guys have some work to do before they'll be relevant again.
KO (Punches)
      This fight ended up being more interesting than I expected. Both guys are big heavyweights, Rothwell has the power, Schaub has the speed. They both came in super aggressive, and Rothwell was off to the early lead, but Schaub clipped him with a spinning back elbow, which rocked Rothwell. Somehow, during a scramble right after that, Schaub got knocked the fuck out. Good show Ben Rothwell!
      This fight was actually a lot better than I had expected it to be, partially because I wanted Mark Hunt to win, and I don't think he was supposed to. He pretty much beat the shit out of Ben Rothwell on the feet, and Rothwell tried to take him down a few times, but somehow, HUnt proved to be the better wrestler. I think this fight fell into the hands of stamina, and Hunt proved to dominate in that area, but just barely. Great job Mark Hunt!
      This was a pretty decent fight, between two huge guys. The first round consisted of both guys going back & forth, working a lot more of a ground game than I had expected, and I gave that round SLIGHTLY to Yvel. The second round was more of the same, Yvel kicked Rothwell's ass for a few minutes, but it was very back & forth as well, so I gave it to Yvel. The third round was 100% Rothwell, basically just laying on top of Yvel, as they both took a nap for a few. I'm fine with Rothwell winning via unanimous decision, but I disagree with the judge that gave him all 3 rounds.
TKO (Punches)
      Cain Velasquez is a beast. He took Rothwell down at will, beat the living shit out of him with HARD punches, and BIG elbows, and he basically made Bed Rothwell look like an amateur. Early in round 2, Velasquez took Rothwell down again, and punched him in the face a lot, and as Rothwell was standing up, the referee stopped the fight. So, yes, the fight was stopped prematurely, but it was pretty clear that Rothwell wasn't going to win this fight, he should have thanked the ref.
KO (Punches)
      THERE WE GO! That was the first great fight of the card in my opinion. The first round was pretty close, with both guys throwing some decent shots, but Arlovski won the first round in my opinion. The second round consisted mostly of Arlovski dominating Rothwell (especially at the end of the second round). The third round was more of the same, starting out slow, and then Arlovski exploded with a tight punch combination that knocked Rothwell the fuck out. Great fight, and it looks like Arlovski is finally back as the pitbull!!! Not sure if Rothwell should count on being a top 10 heavyweight anymore though.
      Rothwell clinched with Rodriguez early on, pressed him against the corner, and Rodriguez hopped up for a guillotine choke, but he eventually had to let it go, as Rothwell continued to press him against the corner. Once they split up, Rothwell was able to pick apart Rodriguez with punches. Round one goes to Rothwell.
     The second round had Rodriguez struggling for a takedown, while Rothwell continued to beat him up on the feet. Rodriguez locked on another guillotine choke a minute into the second round, and pulled guard, but Rothwell slipped out 30 seconds later, and then beat up Rodriguez on the ground. They stood up, and Rodriguez kicked Rothwell in the dick (for the second time so far), which gave Rodriguez a few seconds to catch his breath. Rothwell continued to beat him up for the rest of the round.
     Rothwell basically beat the shit out of a tired Rodriguez in the final round, taking him down, pinning him in the corner, and grinding out a fairly grueling unanimous decision victory. You have to give Rodriguez credit for not getting finished by Rothwell, but this was still a pretty one-sided fight, making it easy to score in favor of Rothwell.
TKO (Punches)
      Rothwell looked like a scorpion in this rematch. Soszynski moved in, and Rothwell blasted him with punches that flipped out like a scorpion tail, until Soszynski collapsed, turtling up on the ground, forcing the referee to stop the fight. Soszynski seemed to sort of dispute the 13 second stoppage, but it officially goes down as another first round TKO for Big Ben Rothwell.
Submission (Kimura)
      Rothwell spent the first minute of this fight stalking Fulton, chasing him down with sniper like punches, using his reach advantage for all it's worth. Fulton shot for a takedown one minute into the first round, and laid inside Rothwell's guard. Rothwell randomly started working for some sort of rubber guard, but his legs weren't quite as flexible as he thought they were, so he had to let that idea go. Rothwell somehow kicked out randomly, and then Fulton pulled guard, which Rothwell passed quickly, ending up in full mount. Rothwell then beat the shit out of Fulton from back mount for the final minute of the round. I'm giving that round to Rothwell.
     The second round had Rothwell clinching with Fulton against the ropes. Rothwell blasted him with some big knees to the face, Fulton clearly was desperate to take the fight to the ground, as he tried to pull guard again. Rothwell just stood above him dropping bombs, he fell down into side control, beat the fuck out of Fulton with some VERY heavy right hands. I'm a little bit surprised that the referee didn't stop the fight due to punches to be honest. Rothwell finally gave up the punches, and went for a Kimura, he cranked it, and nearly ripped Fulton's arm off. Awesome 2nd round submission victory for Big Ben Rothwell.
Decision (Split)
      Rothwell cornered Nelson at the start of this fight, and picked him apart with a lot of fast punch combinations, so Nelson clinched with him, pressed him against the ropes, Rothwell sort of grabbed the ropes, so the referee took a point away from him. Rothwell continued to pick apart Nelson with strikes, and then he clinched with him, pressing Nelson against the corner. They both traded some wild strikes, and then Nelson pressed Rothwell against the ropes again. I would score that round for Rothwell, but since the referee took away a point, I scored that round a draw.
     Rothwell landed some good punches in the second round, and then clinched with Rothwell, trying to take him down against the ropes, but Rothwell was able to stay standing. Rothwell started to beat up Nelson later in the round. Nelson came back with some shots of his own in the final minute of the round. I would probably score that round a draw as well, because they both landed some great shots, and they seemed to have similar control from the clinch as well. In my opinion, this fight comes down to whoever wins the final round.
     They clinched to start the final round, Nelson sort of took Rothwell to the ground, and Rothwell popped right back up, pressing Nelson against the corner. They were trading strikes for the final 3 minutes of the final round. Nelson tripped Rothwell, and took him to the ground again, but Rothwell stood right back up again. They continued to trade wild bombs for the final minute of the round on the feet. In the end, Rothwell won some points with his takedown, they both showed great striking, and in the end, I really have no idea how to score this fight. I would sort of lean toward Rothwell, but since Nelson got that bonus point in the first round, then I guess I'm calling this fight a draw overall. The judges split the decision, giving it to Ben Rothwell.
TKO (Punches)
      This was one of those "Lawnmower vs. The Grass" fights. Rothwell just plowed forward for the entire duration of the fight, throwing wild punch combinations, and rocking Thompson a few times. Meanwhile, Thompson just kind of stood there, allowing Rothwell to chip away at him with big heavy punches. The only thing surprising about this fight, was that Matt Thompson, a guy I've never heard of, was able to get past the first round with Big Ben Rothwell. Thompson tried to use his footwork to dance around more in the second round, but Rothwell was still kind of beating him up on the feet. Rothwell eventually blasted Thompson with a big right hand, Thompson fell to the ground, Rothwell continued to punch Thompson on the ground, and the referee stopped the fight. The stoppage was a LITTLE bit early, but it was only a matter of time before Rothwell would have finished Thompson anyway. Another nice finish for Ben Rothwell.
KO (Head Kick)
      This was a pretty good fight while it lasted, with both guys throwing big punches. Cole wanted to wear down Rothwell, but Rothwell busted up Cole's face in the process. They clinched a couple of minutes into the fight, and the pace slowed down significantly. They broke apart, and started trading punches again, with Cole mostly moving forward. Rothwell blasted him with a knee to the head, followed by a massive right head kick, which knocked Cole to the ground like a ton of bricks. Another great first round finish for Ben Rothwell.
Submission (Keylock)
      This fight had Rothwell grabbing Waszowski's back on the ground, he moved into side control, and he punched him in the face with big right hands, for several minutes, eventually slapping on a keylock for the first round submission victory. Rothwell is running right through the IFL heavyweight division at this point.
KO (Punch)
      Rothwell started the fight by pumping his jab, hitting the air, and then Vetell charged in on him, clinched with him against the corner, and then they broke up a minute or so later. Rothwell continued to move in with his left arm hanging out there like an awkward feeler. Vetell clinched with him again, and pressed him back into the corner. Rothwell spun him around, and then Vetell spun Rothwell around. Most of this fight consisted of both guys just hugging each other. The referee broke them up with a minute left in the opening round. Rothwell clinched, threw a knee to the body, punched Vetell in the face a couple of times, and then knocked him out. Another nice first round finish for Big Ben Rothwell.
TKO (Punches)
      Soszynski rocked Rothwell in the first minute of the fight with some big punch combinations. He continued to pick him apart with big punch combinations, forcing Rothwell to move backwards for the first couple of minutes. Rothwell then rocked Soszynski with a big counter left hand, knocking him to the ground for a few seconds. He stood back up, and Rothwell took him to the ground, landing in half mount. Rothwell passed to side control, as he continued to drop short punches to the head of Soszynski. They stood up with a few seconds left in the round, Rothwell blasted him in the head with a massive right hand, knocked Soszynski to the ground, punched him a few more times, and the referee stopped the fight with one second left in the first round.