Submission (Rear-Naked Choke)
      Chikadze started this fight with a series of ultra fast kicks. He clipped Springer with a head kick, and then Springer clinched 45 seconds into the opening round, clearly trying to get the fight to the ground. Chikadze was able to stuff all of his shots, and then Chikadze blasted Springer with a huge left hand that made the crowd erupt. Springer backed off, and then shot in for a takedown, and Chikadze almost immediately caught him in a triangle choke, which he turned into an armbar. Springer eventually pulled free, and then worked a little ground & pound from inside Chikadze's guard. They stood back up with a minute left in the round, and then Springer scored another takedown, and found himself wrapped up in a variety of submissions again. Round one goes to Chikadze.
     The second round was pretty similar to the first round, with Chikadze showing superior striking, while Springer was working for his takedowns. I just don't think Springer was doing anything noteworthy on the ground, so I have Chikadze ahead 20-18 going into the final round, but the second round was closer than the first, so you could argue that the score is all tied up at this point.
     They continued to trade punches & kicks to start the third round, with Chikadze landing the harder shots. Springer continued to dig for takedowns, and Chikadze continued to stuff his shots, while punishing him with strikes. Springer finally scored a takedown with 90 seconds left in the round, he passed to full mount, he threw some big punches, Chikadze gave up his back, Springer slapped on a rear-naked choke, and forced the submission with 50 seconds left in the fight. That was a solid win for Austin Springer.
Submission (Ninja Choke)
      Springer hit Siler in the balls, the referee didn't care, so Siler started beating up Springer with strikes, Springer shot in, Siler locked on a one-armed guillotine / Ninja Choke, and finished the fight via submission in just over one minute of the first round.
TKO (Punches & Knees)
      These guys bounced around a little bit, traded some heavy punches, it was basically just a wild brawl, with a lot of punches & knees to the body, and not a lot of defense from either side. Gruetzemacher busted up Springer's right eye early in the round, and knocked him down, and continued to bully him against the fence until the end of the round. Round one clearly goes to Gruetzemacher. The second round started as a more technical boxing match, but it was only a matter of time before Gruetzemacher turned it into a brawl again, and beat the shit out of Springer, causing him to grab the fence just to stay standing. Gruetzemacher dropped him with some knees against the fence, Springer was basically getting manhandled, and the referee eventually saved his life. That was a pretty solid one-sided ass beating delivered by Chris Gruetzemacher.
      These guys circled around each other while throwing jabs for a full minute before Springer finally started to throw some combinations. Skinner dropped him with a big right hand 2 minutes into the round, but Springer quickly recovered, clinched, Skinner took control of the clinch, and tried to throw Springer to the ground, but Springer did a decent job avoiding the takedown, until there were 2 minutes left in the round, and Skinner finally got him down and took his back. Springer spun out of that, got on top, Skinner tried to stand up, and Springer punched him in the face a lot on the way up. There was a wild scramble, and the fight turned into a wild brawl for the final minute or so, ending with Skinner on top, looking for some sort of front choke. Decent opening round, and I guess I would give it to Skinner, for ending the round in control.
     They traded strikes at a decent pace in the second round, with Springer winning most of the exchanges as he was picking apart Skinner on the feet with his punches & kicks. He wasn't doing a ton of damage, but he was clearly outboxing Skinner. Skinner shot for a takedown with a minute left in the round, and Springer stuffed the shot and whipped Skinner to the ground, and then let him back up, and then took him down again, and by the end of the round, Skinner's nose was busted up. That was a very clear round for Springer.
     Springer continued to beat up Skinner on the feet for the duration of the third round, taking him down with 2 minutes left, where he continued to bully & beat him up. Skinner stood back up 30 seconds later, only to get his face busted up some more for the final 90 seconds. Really solid Bellator debut for Austin Springer. Mediocre debut for Skinner. I scored the fight 29-28 for Springer, and all 3 judges agreed, giving Springer the unanimous decision victory.