These guys traded a few strikes, and then Soukhamthath dropped Martinez 90 seconds into the opening round, but he wasn't able to do much with it, so Martinez recovered, stood back up, and then pressed Soukhamthath against the fence. They continued to trade strikes back & forth, and then Soukhamthath rocked Martinez again to finish the round, and Martinez was barely able to hang on to make it to his corner. Round one could be a 10-8 round for Soukhamthath.
     Martinez covered up early in the second round, and Soukhamthath unloaded on him with knees to the body, and wild punches to the body & head, and then the referee randomly stopped the fight and warned Soukhamthath for a low blow that never happened, and then the fight continued immediately after an awkward forced handshake. That stopped the momentum of Soukhamthath, and Martinez was able to take him down with the fight started back up. Martinez used the bad call from the referee to steal the round with ground & pound. I have this fight all tied up going into the final round, but Soukhamthath MIGHT have won the second round, I'm not really sure.
     The final round was another back & forth round of striking, with both guys landing a lot of elbows, Soukhamthath probably landed the cleaner strikes, Martinez controlled the clinch, and neither guy showed much actual wrestling. I honestly don't understand why these guys were on the main card. Martinez is making his UFC debut, and Soukhamthath is 1-3 in the UFC, AND they're Bantamweights. Soukhamthath took down Martinez late in the round, and in my opinion, won the fight, 29-28. All 3 judges agreed, giving Soukhamthath the unanimous decision victory.
      O'Malley came out throwing his wild kicks, and he hurt Soukhamthath's leg early in the opening round. They traded random strikes at a decent pace for most of the round, and then O'Malley rocked Soukhamthath with a punch, he unloaded with some wild kicks, he continued to chase him around the cage while unloading wild strikes, and Soukhamthath couldn't wait to get back to his stool. Round one was probably a 10-8 round for Sean O'Malley.
     Soukhamthath came out throwing wild punches to start the second round, but he couldn't connect with anything, and then O'Malley punched him in the face, and the crowd went wild. They traded a few more strikes, Soukhamthath scored a takedown 90 seconds into the round, and O'Malley immediately caught him in a triangle choke. Soukhamthath tried to pull out, got caught in an armbar, and then finally shook O'Malley off with 2 minutes left in the round, which allowed Soukhamthath to settle into side control. Soukhamthath basically just held O'Malley down without doing any damage, and then O'Malley flipped him over, stood up, kicked Soukhamthath in the body with a soccer kick, and then jumped into side control to finish out the round. O'Malley is clearly running away with this fight on the scorecards.
     Soukhamthath started the third round by aggressively shooting for a takedown, which O'Malley stuffed against the fence. They reset 45 seconds into the round, and O'Malley went back to picking apart Soukhamthath with his boxing. Soukhamthath finally took down O'Malley 2 minutes into the round, and he threw some basic punches, but he wasn't really doing enough to dig himself out of the hole from the first two rounds. O'Malley stood up with 2 minutes left in the round, and Soukhamthath scored another takedown. Soukhamthath tried to setup a choke, but ended up just finishing the round in side control, throwing knees to the body of O'Malley. I'm giving that last round to Soukhamthath. After the fight ended, O'Malley wasn't able to get up, due to a broken right foot. O'Malley definitely deserves to win this fight, 29-27 in my opinion, but yeah, considering O'Malley couldn't stand up after the fight, this could get weird. Nope! Not weird. Congrats to Sean O'Malley for the unanimous decision victory. Sean O'Malley is a legit fighter, and I can't wait to see where he goes from here.
TKO (Punches)
      The first round had Sanders pressing Soukhamthath against the fence for a lot of clinching. They traded a few strikes, but for the most part, it was just an awful lot of clinching against the fence. Round one should go to Sanders.
     The second round started with both guys jumping around a bit, trading a few strikes, and then Soukhamthath dropped Sanders with a massive right hand, he unloaded on him with some big punches on the ground, Sanders wasn't really doing anything, so the referee stopped the fight, and Sanders IMMEDIATELY jumped up and said he was fine. Probably a bad stoppage I guess? BUT... Sanders wasn't doing ANYTHING while getting his ass kicked, so he can't complain TOO much. Congrats to Soukhamthath for the much needed UFC victory.
Decision (Split)
      The first round had both guys trading strikes, with Perez landing mroe frequently with his punch combinations & leg kicks, but Soukhamthath dropped him with a straight left hand 2 minutes into the opening round, but he let him stand back up, instead of following him to the ground. They traded a few more strikes, Perez shot for a single leg takedown, but Soukhamthath stuffed the shot, and then Perez punched him in the head. Soukhamthath was clearly controlling the center of the Octagon, as Perez had his back close to the fence the entire time, but Perez was still being more active. Soukhamthath dropped him again with another clean punch with a minute left in the round, but he let him stand back up again. Perez clinched with Soukhamthath's back, threw a few strikes, and then reset with 30 seconds left in the round. That was an interesting round, because Perez was far more active, but Soukhamthath dropped him twice, so.... I'm not sure who won that round? I'm scoring it for Perez, based on overall activity, but I don't know what the judges are thinking.
     Perez landed a selection of clean punches to start the second round, and then Soukhamthath missed with a flying knee attempt. Perez threw a leg kick, and Soukhamthath dropped him again with a punch, and then Soukhamthath started talking him, holding up 3 fingers to show that he dropped him 3 times. Soukhamthath threw a hard punch to the body, followed by another hard punch that rocked Perez again. Perez threw some hard leg kicks, and then threw some wild punches, and Soukhamthath went flying to the ground, so Perez jumped on top of him, landing inside his guard, and started working some big punches, while Soukhamthath just tried to tie him up, I'm ASSUMING hoping for a standup. They moved toward the fence, and Soukhamthath walked up the wall to get back to his feet, and then Perez blasted him with a spinning back elbow from the clinch as they reset. This is another fight with split-decision written all over it, as I have no idea how people are going to score these first two rounds. I have Perez ahead 20-18, but more than likely, Soukhamthath won the first round. I think Perez knocking down Soukhamthath and beating him up on the ground was enough to win the second round for Perez, so I'm going to assume this fight is all tied up going into the final round.
     They traded a few strikes to start the third round, and then Perez shot for another takedown, but was stuffed again. They both basically met in the center of the cage, and traded some hard strikes, with Perez landing the more creative strikes, and probably throwing more frequently as well. When Soukhamthath lands, it's clearly with some power, but in my opinion, Perez is simply outworking him here. Perez shot for another takedown with 2 minutes left in the round, and he dumped Soukhamthath to the ground, pressing him against the fence in the seated position. Perez let him back up with 90 seconds left in the round, and landed a few punches as they reset back in the center of the cage. Perez shot for another takedown, that shot was stuffed again, and they continued to trade some wild strikes, but they were both lacking in accuracy late in the round. Soukhamthath threw a kick and slipped in the final 15 seconds, he landed on his back, and Perez finished the round by standing above him, throwing kicks at his legs. In my opinion, this fight should go to Perez, probably 29-28. The fight went to a VERY close split-decision, and two judges agreed with me, giving the hard fought split-decision victory to Alejandro Perez.
     These guys traded a few strikes, with Morales blasting Soukhamthath with a series of really hard leg kicks. Soukhamthath landed a few decent punches, but for the most part, I thought Morales was landing the better shots, so I scored the first round for Morales. The second round was a slightly more even striking match, so Morales took down Soukhamthath 90 seconds into the round, but he wasn't able to hold him down, as Soukhamthath was able to keep his balance against the fence. Morales attempted a deep single leg takedown with 2 minutes left in the round, but Soukhamthath stuffed the shot, and ended up on top in half mount. Morales tried to setup a Kimura from his back, but that didn't work, so Soukhamthath just unloaded on him with some punches while keeping him pinned. Soukhamthath stole that round in the final 2 minutes, so I have this fight all tied up going into the final round.
     They both came out in the final round hunting for jaws, with both guys landing some really hard shots. Soukhamthath changed it up some, and started working over the body of Morales with hard punches & knees. Morales looked exhausted, and they still had 4 minutes left in the round. Soukhamthath shot for a shitty takedown, and Morales stuffed it near the fence, and tried to take Soukhamthath's back. Soukhamthath turtled up against the fence, and Morales unloaded with some punches while riding his back. Morales locked on a rear-naked choke halfway through the round, but Soukhamthath was able to keep his chin free of the hold, so they just hung out near the fence while Morales continued to dig for the choke. The round eventually ended in that same position, with Soukhamthath throwing a lot of hard punches behind his head to connect with the cheek of Morales. Morales probably won that round, but you could argue that Soukhamthath was dealing more damage, even with Morales riding his back. I'll be interested to hear how the judges scored this one, but I have it 29-28 for Morales. The judges were split, which I'm fine with. Two judges gave the win to Morales, for the hard fought split-decision victory.