TKO (Leg Injury)
      Man... That's the end I guess for Anderson Silva? Cannonier blasted him with a ton of brutal leg kicks early in the first round, Silva tried to fire back with a lot of wild kicks, it was an interesting first round, and then Cannonier blasted Silva with a brutal inside leg kick, basically shredding Silva's knee. I'm not 100% sure what the injury was yet, but his leg clearly went out, he collapsed, and the fight was stopped. I really hope he's ok, but this has GOT to be it for him, right? He's 44, 2-4 in his last 6 fights over the past 5 years... I love him, he's one of the best of all time, but it's time...
      This fight gives me that creepy Chuck Liddell vibe, where I kind of don't want to watch Anderson Silva fight anymore, because he seems old, but... at the same time... Anderson Silva can still knock people out, so... Israel Adesanya is dangerous though, and sort of the next generation of Anderson Silva. With all of that being said, they both landed some solid shots, and I'm assuming Adesanya won the first round, but Silva kept it competitive at least.
      Silva was really aggressive in the second round, coming forward, almost screaming, and blasting Adesanya with some big shots, over and over again. Adesanya was still firing back with some clean striking as well, but I think Silva won that second round, and I have this fight all tied up going into the final round. That's impressive, considering Silva is a huge underdog in this fight.
      The final round was weird, but good. They were both taunting each other a lot, there was a lot of staring, but they were both still landing some big shots. Adesanya looked really clean, and Silva looked really aggressive. I honestly don't know who won this fight. I'm assuming Adesanya will win, 29-28, but I wouldn't be shocked by a split-decision, and I also wouldn't be surprised if the judges give the fight to Silva. I really don't know what to expect. I really would have liked to see these guys go 5 rounds. All 3 judges gave the decision to Adesanya, with only one judge giving a round to Silva. That was a good fight overall, and even though Silva kept it close, I kind of hope he retires now. It sounds like he wants one more fight in Brazil.
      This fight started very slowly, with Silva landing a few nice counterpunches, but neither fighter wanted to engage. Silva opened up a little bit a couple of minutes into the round, forcing Brunson to shoot for a takedown, which Silva easily stuffed. They both traded some wild strikes, they both got clipped a few times, Brunson shot for another takedown, Silva stuffed it, and countered with some solid knees from the clinch. Shit got crazy, Silva went in for the kill, threw a spinning wheel kick, they clinched, Silva clinched, threw a few knees, and Brunson unloaded with a million uppercuts from the clinch. Silva slipped in the final few seconds of the round after throwing a flying knee, and Brunson ended the round on top. I scored that round for Silva, but I'm on the edge of my seat, I have no idea what to expect from the next two rounds.
     Brunson shot for a takedown early in the second round, and Silva sprawled the shit out of it. Silva continued to chop away at Brunson with a wide variety of punches & knees & kicks, Brunson scored a takedown 2 minutes into the round, and then Silva stood back up with ease. Brunson continued to press him against the fence in the clinch. They reset with 90 seconds left in the round, and Brunson shot for another takedown, and the shot was stuffed again. Silva worked some wild Capoeira shit, and landed a few more strikes to finish out the round. I have Silva ahead 2-0 going into the final round, but it's a very close fight.
     Brunson shot for a few more takedowns to start the third round, and Silva was sprawling all over him, and tossing him to the side. Brunson continued to plow forward, and Silva was picking him apart with counter strikes. Brunson scored a takedown with 90 seconds left in the fight, and landed inside Silva's guard. Silva blasted him with a hard elbow to the chin from his back. Silva continued to land elbows from his back, and Brunson tried to land some punches, but he was missing with most of his shots. I personally am scoring this fight for Anderson Silva, but I don't feel confident that the decision will go his way. OH SNAP! All 3 judges gave the fight to Anderson Silva, and one judge even agreed with me, giving him all 3 rounds. I'm pretty excited about this, since I really feel like Silva NEEDED this win. Pretty solid fight overall, with a lot of weird exchanges.
      These guys traded a few strikes, and then Cormier scored a takedown one minute into the first round. Silva closed his guard, and started looking for submissions, while Cormier hit him with short punches. Cormier dropped a heavy elbow to the chin of Silva. He then stacked him up against the cage. Cormier was grinding short elbows all over the face of Silva, while moving toward full mount. Cormier finally postured up wwith 30 seconds left in the round, and dropped a few punches, but for the most part, he was just smothering Silva. Round one clearly goes to Cormier.
     Anderson blasted Cormier with a couple of head kicks in the second round, he went for a flying knee, and then Cormier caught a kick, and dumped Silva to the ground again just 30 seconds into the round. Cormier continued to smother Silva, basically just wrestle fucking him for a couple of minutes. Cormier landed a few decent short elbows, and then landed some decent punches, but Silva did a good job tying him up. The referee stood them up with 90 seconds left in the round. Silva cracked Cormier with a heavy knee, landed a few decent kicks, and a nice elbow, as Cormier moved into the clinch, pressing Silva against the cage. The crowd seems bored as fuck here. Every time Silva throws something though, the crowd erupts. I guess Cormier is ahead 2-0 going into the final round. Cormier is doing what he needs to do, but it's boring as fuck.
     Silva landed some great strikes to start the third round, and then Cormier took him down again 30 seconds into the round, and continued to wrestle fuck him. Cormier was literally just sqashing Silva with his breasts. I would love nothing more than to see Silva get back up and knock this dude out. Everything Cormier is doing is boring as shit. The audience is chanting "stand them up" halfway through the round. The referee finally stood them up, Silva hurt Cormier with a kick to the body, he went in for the kill, and Cormier clinched with him against the cage. Cormier trained for a 5 round fight, and dude was gassed 2 rounds in. Jones would have fucking KILLED Cormier tonight. Silva showed up on 2 days notice, and beat the shit out of Cormier while standing. Cormier still probably wins 30-27 by wrestle fucking Silva though. All 3 judges gave Cormier the fight, 30-26, and the crowd is pissed. At this rate, I don't think Cormier is ever going to get any love.
      Hmmm... The first round was kind of slow paced, but it looked like Bisping rocked Silva at the very end of the round, so even though I had Silva winning slightly up until that point, I think Bisping stole the round in the final seconds. The second round was a pretty close fight, I was leaning a LITTLE BIT in favor of Silva, but Bisping rocked him again late in the round, Silva ended up on his back, and Bisping blasted him with some heavy shots. Bisping is ahead 2-0 going into the third round.
      Anderson Silva picked up the pace some in the third round, beat up Bisping, it was a competitive round, but Silva really started the lay it on heavy at the very end of the round, and he knocked out Bisping in the final seconds, but the referee didn't stop the fight, so... shit got really confusing... Silva spent his minute in between rounds, celebrating, climbing the cage, praying, doing all sorts of things, Bisping claerly sat on the floor like he knew he lost the fight. Really crazy bizarre end to that round, but it was DEFINITELY a round for Silva, that's the only thing I'm sure about.
      The fourth round started kind of slow, and Silva might have clipped Bisping with a low kick, so Bisping was given some time to recover. Bad move by Silva. At this point, I'm assuming Bisping has completely recovered from that potential knockout at the end of the third round. Bisping ended up poking Silva in the eye, so they brought the doctor in, and took a minute or so to give Silva time to recover. I thought Bisping was winning the round for the most part, but Silva started stalking him in the final 30 seconds or so, he hurt him, and then he finished the round with a massive superman punch that bounced Bisping's head off the cage. I have the fight all tied up going into the final round.
      The final round was a hell of an ass beating, being delivered by Anderson Silva. Bisping looked like he had been face fucked by a chainsaw by the end of the fight. In the end, this fight could potentially go either way, especially considering the fact that we're in Bisping's hometown, but if you compare the damage delivered by Bisping, to the control of Bisping in earlier rounds, I FEEL like Anderson REALLY deserves to win this fight, 48-47. All 3 judges scored it 48-47 in favor of Bisping though, so... There you have it... The biggest win of Bisping's career, in a fight that really could have slipped through his fingers there. After the fight he went out and hugged his family, and I think his mom asked him if he's the champion. Clearly they don't realize Silva wasn't the champion. Still, congrats to Bisping for a huge win. At this point, I really don't think I want to see Silva fight again, unless it's against Chuck Liddell or some shit.
      Well, that was pretty exciting. I like both of these guys, so I was pretty pumped to see Silva's return, as well as the return of Nick Diaz after being away for a couple of years. Both guys looked pretty good in this fight, but ultimately, the fight came down to Nick Diaz talking a lot of shit, and spending a lot of time taunting Silva, while Anderson Silva picked him apart from the outside with crisp punches & kicks. I was impressed by the chin of Diaz, as well as the hard leg kicks he was throwing, but in the end, this was a pretty clear 50-45 decision in favor of Anderson Silva. That was one hell of a return for a guy that had his leg broken in half a year ago. I really hope that both of these guys come back and continue to fight more often though, because there are a LOT of interesting fights for both fighters in the future, I'm not really sure who exactly I want to see either of them fight next though.
TKO (Leg Injury)
      GOD! FUCK! NO! AAAAAAAAAH... That fucking sucks... I was ready for Anderson to come back and DESTROY Chris in this fight, but man... This is no bullshit... Weidman kicked his ass in the first round. The second round, they came out, Anderson was throwing kicks to Chris's leg, and one big kick snapped Anderson's leg in half (like the Corey Hill injury), and Anderson collapsed, with his leg flailing around like a sock with rocks in it. Pretty fucking gross. This really sucks. Holy shit... Oh man oh man... There you have it. I guess Chris Weidman is still the champ, and I'm ASSUMING Anderson is going to have to retire now? That fucking sucks.
KO (Punches)
      That was interesting. Chris "Doomsday" Weidman just killed Superman. The first round consisted of Weidman taking Silva to the ground with ease, he beat him up for a bit, nearly broke Silva's leg off with a heel hook. Silva "sort of" won back some points once they got back to their feet, by treating Weidman like Demian Maia, and he started goofing off, dodging shit, acting like a clown, and basically just acting retarded. It was funny, don't get me wrong, I enjoyed the hell out of it, but it ultimately led to the demise of one of the most amazing martial artists of all time. So yeah, good fight, fun fight, but my heart was literally just ripped from my chest, watching Anderson Silva get KNOCKED THE FUCK OUT. Crazy fight, crazy event, and I still feel light headed.
TKO (Knee to the Body & Punches)
      Wow, I was tricked into believing that Bonnar actually had a chance in this fight. I was one of the only two people I knew that thought Bonnar had a chance of winning. Well, Silva played with him for an entire round, standing with his back against the cage, and just dodging punches using his brilliant head movement. He also absorbed some HARD punches from Bonnar and didn't even looked phased at all. Bonnar came out like a ball of fire, and went out at the end of the first round like a ball of fire. Bonnar gave it a shot, but to be honest, Silva absolutely destroyed him, and made him look somewhat foolish, similarly to the way Silva took out Forrest Griffin in their fight.
TKO (Knee to the Body & Punches)
      Well, for being the biggest fight in UFC history, this was a pretty lame event overall. The first round made me nervous, because Sonnen took Anderson to the ground, and completely dominated him during the first round. The second round was kind of a sloppy event, that ended with Sonnen spinning around and falling on his ass for no apparent reason, Anderson jumped on top of him, punched him in the face a lot, and that ended the fight. Anderson Silva is the legit champion, and this fight just enforces that theory, but overall, I'm pretty disappointed with the quality of this event as a whole.
TKO (Punches)
      Anderson Silva is SO badass! The first round, Kenny Florian summed it up nicely, by stating that Anderson Silva is basically like a computer in the first round, analyzing Okami's gameplan, calculating the distance, figuring out the best strategy, and then the round was over. The second round started, and Anderson Silva came out like he was on crack, doing the jitterbug, flipping out, lots of bouncing, lots of punches, and then eventually he just stood still, and let Okami punch him in the face a couple of times, while Silva just stared at him with the "You're about to die!" look. Silva knocked Okami on his ass with a big punch, and then just pounded on him until the referee was forced to stop the fight. Okami basically got destroyed in this fight. GREAT way to get revenge for the previous controversial loss to Okami (DQ due to an illegal upkick). So yeah, Anderson is the man, hands down, badass, and this was a fun fight.
KO (Front Kick & Punches)
      This was technically a slow boring fight, but it was still badass, because the end was phenomenal. They spent the first half of the first round circling each other with no real point, and then Vitor turned up the heat, Silva did his usual bobblehead stuff, dodging all of the attacks, and eventually he kicked Vitor in the face, and BAM... Knocked the fuck out. Just to make sure it was over, Anderson punched him in the face twice while Vitor was laying on the ground, and then finally the referee stopped the fight. I said a while back that I thought Vitor would be the guy to beat Anderson, but clearly I was wrong. Anderson Silva is fucking unstoppable.
Submission (Triangle Armbar)
      Holy shit... I'm a little late to the game here, since this event happened a few years ago, but HOLY FUCKING SHIT, this was one of the most insane fights I've ever seen. As everyone already knows, Chael Sonnen absolutely dominated Anderson Silva for all 5 rounds, all the way up until the end, when Anderson Silva locked on a fast triangle choke at the last minute. HOLY FUCKING SHIT, Anderson Silva is the God of all fighters, and Chael Sonnen is one bad S.O.B.
      Well, that was something... The first 2 rounds were pretty funny, and I laughed pretty hard about Anderson Silva's showboating, but about halfway through the third round, I completely lost interest. I mean, he made Demian Maia look like a complete bitch, which sucks, because I'm a huge fan of Demian Maia, but yeah, this was a piss poor performance by both guys. Silva should have just finished him, but instead, he LITERALLY was hiding behind the referee, it was ridiculous. That was fucked up. This should have been one of the best middleweight fights of all time, but instead, it was just embarrassing.
KO (Punch)
      Well then, there's that. Rogan said it best, when he said that was one of the most embarassing knockouts ever. Anderson Silva just ABSOLUTELY displayed superior striking in this fight, Forrest couldn't touch him, and Anderson was clipping him at will. After already knocking Forrest down once, and then letting him stand back up, Forrest ran in with a couple of punches, Silva countered with a jab while leaning backwards, and Forrest crumbled to the floor like a wet noodle. HORRIBLE showing by Forrest Griffin, but that doesn't take away from the fact that Anderson Silva is the best fighter in the world.
      This fight went 5 rounds, which is insane, since none of Anderson Silva's fights have ever gone that long. In the end, Anderson Silva won all 5 rounds, Leites looked pretty awful after the second round or so, and Anderson Silva spent most of the fight just staring at Leites, waiting for him to attack. In the end, this fight was a disappointing main event, but I still enjoyed it more than the crowd did.
TKO (Knee Injury)
      Well then. Patrick Cote basically chased Silva the entire time, and I actually thought he had a good chance of winning because Silva looked too timid. Ultimately, I gave the first 2 rounds to Silva due to landing better strikes (knees & stuff), but Cote was REALLY hanging in there, and took Silva further than anybody else has to date. The unfortunate ending happened early in the third round, when Cote was stepping forward, and then randomly fell down because his knee blew out. So, Anderson Silva wins via TKO, but the crowd was booing, and it was a pretty terrible way to end the card. Granted, I fully understand, but it's still not a great finale.
KO (Punches)
      Well wasn't that fight just the cutest little thing? Anderson Silva dominated everybody in his 185 pound weight class, and has been the champion for a while, so he decided (on short notice) to move up to 205 pounds, and beat up James Irvin... Irvin decided he would talk shit about how he's a 205 pounder, and there are weight classes for a reason, and Anderson Silva will be in trouble at 205... Well, Irvin is apparently an idiot, because Anderson Silva destroyed him in ONE MINUTE... Irvin threw a kick, Anderson caught it & countered with a punch to Irvin's eye, Irvin fell to the ground and curled up in the fetal position, and Silva dropped 8 of the hardest right hands I've ever seen, straight at that eye of Irvin, forcing the referee to stop the fight... JAMES IRVIN GOT DESTROYED... Anderson Silva is obviously an amazing bad ass, but does beating up JAMES IRVIN really prove that Anderson is the best pound for pound fighter in the world? I mean, I think he's the best, but I don't know if beating up James Irvin has anything to do with it...
Submission (Rear-Naked Choke)
      This fight was AWESOME!!! I love Anderson Silva, quite possibly my favorite fighter at this point, and easily the best fighter in the world at the moment... He has already dominated all of the top guys at 185 pounds, and now he has destroyed the Pride Middleweight Champion (Dan Henderson)... Henderson looked good in the first round, taking Silva to the ground, and controlling him for the most part, but the entire second round had Silva destroying Henderson on the feet with kicks, punches & knees (as usual), and once he got Henderson to the ground, he was able to get on his back, beat him up for a while, and then finished the fight with the rear-naked choke... GREAT fight for Anderson Silva, and Dan Henderson loses his second Pride title to another UFC fighter... Where does Henderson go from here? I have no idea... And who is next for Anderson Silva? Other than Matt Lindland, I have no idea... And even Lindland would probably get destroyed by Silva, so I'm lost... GREAT fight though...
TKO (Knees)
      WOW... Rich Franklin got fucked up again, pretty much the same way that it happened the first time... He went into this fight looking like he was in better shape than last time (last time he looked sick)... But it didn't have much of an impact on this fight... Anderson Silva unleashed some fury at the end of the first round, basically knocking out Rich Franklin, but Franklin was literally saved by the bell... The second round started up, and it was more of the same... Big punches, elbows, knees, kicks, Anderson Silva destroyed Rich Franklin, in Franklin's home town... Crazy fight, exciting fight, and Anderson Silva is hands down the #1 Middleweight in the world...
TKO (Punches)
      This fight was kind of sloppy... I predicted that Anderson Silva would win by submission... I was half right... He won by TKO... Nate Marquardt basically started the fight, by catching Silva's flying spinning whirlwind daisy kick, in mid-air, and then fought for the takedown, ending up on the ground on top of Silva... Marquardt looked like he expected to win the fight from that position... He wasn't going to though... The second round started, more of the same mess, Marquardt thinking he'd win by just laying on Silva... Silva did this nice reversal thing, by taking Marquardt to the ground after grabbing his ankle, and then finished the fight with some hard punches to the face of Marquardt... I didn't really enjoy this fight nearly as much as I had hoped... It was still ok though... Glad to see Silva walk away with the belt...
Submission (Elbows)
      This was supposed to be a Middleweight Championship fight, but Travis Lutter couldn't make weight (185 was the limit, he was 187)... So basically, the fight still happpened, but the title was no longer on the line... You could tell as soon as Lutter walked out to the octagon that he was depressed, and had no real interest in fighting Silva without the belt being on the line... He also gained 20 pounds overnight (from cutting weight, when he tried to gain it back, he kind of screwed himself)...
      So yeah, to make a long story short, Travis Lutter basically won the first round, by taking Silva down at will (Silva didn't defend the takedowns AT ALL) and then eventually, Lutter mounted Silva, started punching him in the face, and then he went for an armbar to finish the fight... Silva of course, did not fall prey to the armbar, but instead just stood up, making Lutter look like an amateur... The second round consisted of Lutter taking Silva to the ground again, this time Silva locked on a triangle choke, started throwing elbows at Lutter's head, and then forced Lutter to tap out due to the combination of submission & strikes... Anderson Silva is a fucking genius in the octagon, and I can't wait to see him fight again... Lutter on the other hand, was a pretty big disappointment...
KO (Knee)
      This fight left a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach... If you've ever seen the movie "Kickboxer", you might have an idea of how this fight went down... Basically, it consisted of the American fighter who happened to be one of the hometown heroes or whatever (Rich Franklin), taking on the REAL DEAL Muay Thai fighter, who pretty much DESTROYED Rich Franklin in the first round... Anderson Silva got Franklin in that Muay Thai clinch, then started throwing knees, and punches, and death blows, and bombs, and axes, and broadswords, and machine guns, and Saw 3 (coming to theaters October 27th, HA!) and uh... Yeah... Basically Anderson Silva knocked Franklin the fuck out, and made him look like he had no business being in the octagon... Rich Franklin has been one of the most dominant fighters in the UFC for a LONG time, and was considered to be probably the #1 Middleweight in the world... That of course, was until Anderson Silva came to America, and literally made Rich look like a fan from the audience that felt like taking his chances against a veteran professional fighter... Silva's Knee + Franklin's Face = KTFO, first round...
KO (Knee)
      Wow... Anderson Silva makes his UFC debut (I think?), and he pretty much killed Chris Leben, knocking him out in under a minute in the first round... Chris Leben came out swinging, and fell to the ground, looking extremely clumsy & sloppy... Then Anderson Silva just picked him apart with a series of punches, and knees, and kicks, and I honestly think that Leben got knocked out 3 or 4 different times before the referee finally stopped it (all within the first minute of the fight)... Anderson Silva is a great fighter... Chris Leben is just "pretty good"... I'm looking forward to seeing Anderson Silva return in the near future...
Submission (Flying Scissor Heel Hook)
      Oh man, that was a rough fight for Anderson. Chonan basically beat him up whiel standing for most of the fight (but it was close). The fight went to the ground a couple of times, but Chonan seemed to do more damage on the ground as well. In the third round, as Conan continued to beat up Silva, he jumped down to the ground with a flying scissor heel hook, finishing Silva almost instantly once they hit the ground, as Silva tapped out violently. AWESOME showing by Ryo Chonan, and probably the best fight of his career.
Submission (Triangle Choke)
      This fight was a good example of why accepting throwaway fights is a bad idea, when you're one of the best fighters on the planet. I had Anderson Silva ranked #1 at this weight class going into this fight, and Takase was somewhere around #27. So Silva SHOULD have just absolutely destroyed Takase, turning him into a highlight reel, BUT... Takase took him to the ground, mounted him, dominated him, beat him up on the ground, went for an arm lock, failed that, so he went for a mounted triangle choke, Anderson rolled him over and got on top, Takase tightened the triangle choke, and finished the fight via submission in the first round. One of the first, of only a few huge failures, in Anderson Silva's career.
KO (Flying Knee & Punches)
      BOOM! Awesome fight, between a couple of the best fighters in this division. Newton took the fight to the ground early on, and even got the full mount, where he started to look for an armbar, but Silva was able to defend well enough, to get the referee to stand them back up, at which point, the ref gave Anderson a yellow card for stalling. (I was still entertained the entire time though). Once they got back to their feet, Silva started landing strikes, and when Newton shot for another takedown, Anderson landed a huge flying knee to the chin of Newton, knocking him backwards, where Silva finished him with a series of punches. Awesome comeback victory for Anderson Silva.
      This fight was a lot more competitive than it should have been. Anderson Silva pretty much dominated Otsuka with his submission skills on the ground in the first round. Otsuka continued to win points throughout the fight though, by taking Silva to the ground repeatedly, without Silva even attempting to defend the takedowns. Otsuka also proved to be somewhat competent on the ground with his submission skills as well. In the end, I gave the fight to Anderson Silva, and I'm really glad that all 3 judges did as well.
TKO (Doctor Stoppage)
      The (sort of) debut of Anderson Silva! This is the first fight I've seen him in anyway. He came out, threw his trademark CRISP punches, jabbing the fuck out of Stiebling's face, and then he landed a huge kick to the head, where his shin cut a huge gash across the forehead of Stiebling. Stiebling was able to take him to the ground after that, where Silva tied him up with his grappling, but the referee stopped it, and eventually the doctor had to stop the fight due to the bad cut on Stiebling's head. It's worth noting that Stiebling took this fight on TWO DAYS notice, so that's kind of crazy, especially considering who Anderson Silva became after this, but yeah, awesome Pride debut for Anderson Silva, and I look forward to seeing the rest of his fight sometime soon.
Submission (Punches)
      This fight was all about Anderson Silva chipping away at Carneiro with sharp strikes. Crisp punches, a lot of soccer kicks, stomps on the ground, sharp knees, nearly everything Silva threw landed. Carneiro tried to pull guard a couple of times, and he showed that he can take a shot, but for the most part, this was a very one-sided ass beating, being delivered by Silva for just over 5 minutes. In the final minute of the fight, Carneiro finally secured a takedown, Silva went for a loose triangle choke, but gave that up. Silva locked on a tight body triangle, used that to flip Carneiro over, and once Silva had the full mount, he absolutely slaughtered Carneiro's face with punches, cutting open his head, and leaving him a bloody mess, as Carneiro was forced to submit due to strikes. Really great display of striking by Anderson Silva.
Submission (Punches)
      This fight was kind of slow paced for the first 5 minutes or so, with both guys throwing a few punches, but not a lot was landing. Silva eventually took down Israel with a body lock, he mounted him, Israel tried to stand back up, Silva took his back, flattened him out on the ground, and then punched him in the head a few times, blasted him in the spine with some downward elbows, and finished the fight via submission with one final punch to Israel's head, forcing him to tapout due to strikes. Another solid finish for Anderson Silva.
TKO (Punches and Knees)
      This fight was basically a striking clinic, being taught by Anderson Silva. Fontinelle kept shooting in for ugly takedown attempts, and Silva stuffed them all with the Thai clinch, which he used to destroy Fontinelle with countless knees. Meanwhile, Silva was dancing around, picking apart Fontinelle with razor sharp punch combinations, while working in flying knees every once in a while for good measure. After 4+ minutes of Anderson beating the shit out of Fontinelle on the feet, he eventually caused him to collapse with a combination of leg kicks, knees & punches. Anderson Silva is a beast!!!
TKO (Head Kick and Punches)
      These guys traded a few punches, Barreto shot in for a takedown, Silva blasted him in the face with some big knees, Silva knocked down Barreto with some punches, Barreto ran for his life, Silva chased him down, punched him some more and knocked him on his ass with a big kick to the chin. Solid TKO finish for Anderson Silva in 1:06 of the first round. Anderson Silva is a beast on the feet. As long as he can avoid the takedown, he's golden.
      Silva came out swinging wildly, and then they clinched, which allowed Azeredo to trip him to the ground. Azeredo landed a few punches on the ground, but for the most part just held Anderson down. They stood up, and danced around a little bit, with Silva controlling the center of the ring. He threw a kick, slipped, and Azeredo ended up on top again. Azeredo held a tight side control, while Silva was throwing knees to Azeredo's body. Anderson grabbed Azeredo's foot, and cranked it behind his knee, which was an interesting knee lock, but Azeredo used his other knee to blast Silva in the head with several shots. They flipped around so Azeredo was back in half mount, where he continued to hit Silva with short punches. Kind of a boring 10 minute round, but Azeredo pretty clearly won that round.
      The second round had Anderson doing the monkey dance from Bloodsport, and from there, he beat the shit out of Azeredo with some big punches while chasing him around the ring. Azeredo then took Silva to the ground again, laying inside his guard. Anderson tried to make something happen from his guard, but Luiz basically just laid on him for 15+ minutes, leading to the decision victory for Azeredo. It's impressive that Azeredo beat Silva, but it wasn't done in a very impressive fashion. 100% lay & pray victory for Luiz Azeredo.