TKO (Head Kick & Punches)
      This fight mostly consisted of both girls trading kicks, with both girls landing some decent shots. Nunes landed the best shots in my opinion, I had her winning the round, and then she blasted Holm with a clean right head kick to the face, which knocked Holm on her ass, and then she threw some punches on the ground and the fight was stopped. That's another great win for Nunes, as she has now beaten every Women's Champion at 135 in the UFC. She is clearly the best female fighter of all time. To be fair though, I don't know how Holm even got a title shot here, as she's only won 2 of her last 6 fights, and the only one at 135 was against Bethe Correia... soooo... Why the fuck does Holly Holm keep getting title shots? With that being said, that's still a great win for Nunes.
KO (Punches)
      These girls both came out throwing fire at each other, Nunes started connecting early, she continued to unload on Cyborg, she rocked her over and over again, and then she put her to sleep against the fence. That was a FANTASTIC performance by Amanda Nunes, the clear pound for pound best female fighter on the planet. She retired Meisha Tate, Ronda Rousey, and now more than likely, Cyborg. FIRST ROUND KNOCKOUT. AMANDA NUNES IS A FUCKING BEAST!
TKO (Elbows & Punches)
      Nunes dropped Pennington in the first 30 seconds with a weird leg kick that somehow knocked her off balance. Pennington looked timid when she popped back up. Nunes then dropped Pennington with another leg kick. Nunes started to work in some big punch combinations, and Pennington looked a little horrified, which is completely out of character compared to what I'm used to seeing from her. Pennington already had some pretty nasty looking welts on her left calf. Pennington landed a few hard punches, but for the most part, the first round was all about Nunes overwhelming Pennington. Round one clearly goes to Amanda Nunes.
      The second round was pretty similar to the first round, with Nunes overwhelming Pennington a bit, but Pennington was fighting back a bit more, and she wasn't knocked down at all, so that's progress I guess. Pennington also scored a slick takedown from the clinch with a minute left in the round, but she didn't do much wtih it once they hit the ground. I still have Nunes ahead 20-18 going into the third round, but the second round was a lot more competitive.
      The third round started with a few back & forth strikes, and then Nunes scored a takedown in the center of the cage 90 seconds into the round. Pennington pulled guard, and basically just tied up Nunes. The referee reset them with 2 minutes left in the round. They traded a few more punches, Pennington shot for a takedown, Nunes stuffed the shot, and they finished out the round with some more clinching, and some more boxing. Nunes is probably ahead 30-27, and she even dropped Pennington with a knee as the buzzer sounded.
      They were both slowing down significantly in the fourth round, but that didn't stop them from trading some random punches & leg kicks, while shooting for takedowns. Nunes scored a takedown 2 minutes into the round, and Pennington tied her up on the ground again. Pennington scrambled back to her feet with 90 seconds left in the round. Pennington was clearly losing, but she was still coming forward, and trying to take the fight to Nunes. Pennington landed some nice punches, but Nunes fired back with some knees. This fight should probably be 40-36 for Nunes going into the final round.
      Between rounds, Pennington told her corner that she's done, she doesn't want to continue, and they told her to give it all she had, and basically just throw the kitchen sink at Nunes. Pennington started the final round looking pretty decent, she landed some hard shots, and then Nunes took her down 90 seconds into the round, landing back inside her guard. Nunes smashed her with some more punches & elbows on the ground, she shattered Pennington's nose, blood was pouring out everywhere, she gave up her back, Nunes continued to pound on her, and the fight was finally stopped. There are going to be some serious conversations about Pennington's corner after this fight, as they really should have stopped the fight after the fourth round. Congrats to Nunes for another fantastic victory, as she's building up one hell of a winning streak as the Champion.
Decision (Split)
      The first round was basically a back & forth sparring match, where they were both chipping away at each other with some decent punches & kicks, but they were mostly throwing single shots, so neither fighter really dominated that round. I scored the round just slightly for Nunes, based mostly on controlling the center of the cage, and pressuring Shevchenko, but it was a close round.
      The second round was another slow round of sparring, with Nunes still controlling the center of the cage, while they were both exchanging single strikes. They both landed a few decent shots, but for the most part, they looked like they were just having a friendly boxing match, where they could have had a conversation with each other about their favorite music or whatever, while casually sparring. This fight hasn't been great so far, but I still have Nunes ahead 20-18 going into the third round, based almost entirely on cage control, as their striking appears to be dead even.
      They started to mix it up at a more aggressive pace in the third round, with Shevchenko throwing some slick counters, while Nunes was still controlling the center of the cage. Shevchenko's left shin was bleeding for some reason. Big John gave Nunes a stern warning for having her fingers out, and he warned her once in every round up until that point as well. He still hasn't taken any points for it yet, but he's clearly keeping an eye on her fingers. I have Nunes ahead 30-27 going into the fourth round, but this has been a very close fight so far, so I'm not sure what the judges' scorecards look like at this point.
      Shevchenko was throwing some explosive lunging strikes in the fourth round, and Nunes was still pressuring her, by picking her apart with jabs & front kicks, while still controlling the center of the cage. Shevchenko probably landed the cleaner strikes in the fourth round, and in my opinion, that was the first round that Shevchenko has won so far. I have Nunes ahead 39-37, going into the final round, but like I said before, I have no idea where the judges are going to be with their scorecards on this one.
      The final round started with both girls throwing some heavy combinations, clearly looking to do some damage, but that didn't work, so they went back to trading single shots. Nunes shot for a takedown 2 minutes into the final round, but Shevchenko stuffed the shot, so Nunes just pressed her against the fence for some clinching. They split up halfway through the round. Shevchenko tried to throw Nunes to the ground with a head & arm throw, but Nunes quickly reversed her, and she took her back with a little over 90 seconds left in the fight. They stood back up with a minute left, and Nunes pressed Shevchenko against the fence again. Nunes struggled for a few seconds, but she dumped Shevchenko to the ground with 50 seconds left in the fight. They traded a few punches on the ground, and the fight eventually ended. I scored this fight 49-46 for Amanda Nunes, but I don't feel super confident about that score. When the fight ended, Shevchenko kicked Nunes off her, making Shevchenko look like a poor sport. The judges were split, and gave the hard fought split-decision to Amanda Nunes.
TKO (Punches)
      Nunes immediately beat up Rousey's face with heavy punches to start the first round, and for some reason, Rousey just stood there, eating heavy punches, Nunes continued to chew up her face with heavy punches, Ronda looked absolutely lost in there, like she had never been in a fight in her entire life, and the referee was eventually forced to step in to save Ronda's life. That was another fantastic performance by Amanda Nunes. I would also like to point out that I've been saying for a long time now (before Ronda ever lost) that Amanda Nunes deserved a title shot, and I thought she would be the one to beat Ronda. Amanda Nunes is a fucking destroyer!!!
Submission (Rear-Naked Choke)
      They were testing the waters for the first minute, and then Tate took Nunes down aggressively, but Nunes stood right back up. Tate shot for another takedown, Nunes whipped her to the ground, stood back up, almost blasted Tate with an illegal knee, and then started beating the shit out of her with some crisp boxing. Tate is getting jacked halfway through the opening round. Tate shot for another takedown, and Nunes grabbed her back. Tate's face is bleeding all over the place. Nunes locked on a rear-naked choke, and basically crushed Tate's jaw, forcing her to submit. That was an outstanding finish for Amanda Nunes. I've been on the Nunes war wagon for a long time now, but I picked Tate over her for some reason here. Back when Rousey was undefeated, I was saying Nunes would be the one to take her out. Holy shit though, she just fucking MAULED Tate in the first round in the biggest UFC event of all time. Congrats to Nunes, she's a fucking beast!
      Nunes spent the first round throwing a lot of really wild kicks, and big heavy punches, but she wasn't connecting with much. Shevchenko on the other hand was clearly trying to be more technical, but by doing that, she wasn't throwing much of anything at all, mostly just dodging the attacks from Nunes. Nunes took her to the ground with around 45 seconds left in the round, which in my opinion, was probably enough to win the round for Nunes, if she wasn't already winning. There was a wild scramble in the final seconds, they stood back up, and Nunes tripped her back to the ground with a second left in the round. I'm pretty pumped about this fight still, but that opening round was somewhat uneventful.
     The second round started, and Nunes was looking pretty good, but she tripped, and then Shevchenko kicked her in the face with a soccer kick, but nobody seemed to notice, but it also didn't do much damage, so... Nunes ended up on top of Shevchenko, and she was smashing her face with some heavy punches from half mount. Nunes eventually postured up a bit, and started DRILLING Shevchenko with some brutal punches, which cut her open. Nunes looks like a beast while in top position. Shevchenko tried with all of her might to get back to her feet, and Nunes continued to grab ahold of her, and threw her right back down to the ground again. Nunes continued to pound on the face of Shevchenko, she slipped into side control, and then grabbed Shevchenko's back, locked on a rear-naked choke, but she was having trouble staying under the chin of Shevchenko. Shevchenko is tough as nails, and she even ended up escaping, and getting on top in the final 5 seconds, but Nunes is still pretty clearly ahead, 2-0, going into the final round. That second round might have even been a 10-8 round for Nunes.
     The third round started, and Shevchenko blasted Nunes with a big elbow that rocked her, and Shevchenko was able to take her to the ground, with Shevchenko landing in side control. Shevchenko secured a mounted crucifix, and she was looking for an Americana, but Nunes was able to push her off, and get back to her feet. Nunes tried to run in head first, and Shevchenko blasted her with some big knees from the clinch. That was a hell of a fight, with Shevchenko pretty clearly winning that last round, but I still have this fight scored 29-28 in favor of Nunes, MAYBE even 29-27, depending on if you scored that second round a 10-8 for Nunes. All 3 judges agreed, giving Nunes the unanimous decision victory, with two judges scoring it 29-27 for Nunes.
Submission (Rear-Naked Choke)
      YEAH! That's my girl! I was shocked to see that Nunes was a huge underdog going into this fight, as I had her ranked higher than McMann. With that being said, Nunes beat her ass while standing, working some great boxing, working the angles, and when McMann tried to get takedowns, Nunes showed tremendous takedown defense. She eventually clipped McMann with a hard shot in the first round, McMann went down, Nunes got on her back and beat the shit out of her, and then finished her off with a rear-naked choke. That was fucking awesome. I would like to see Nunes vs. Alexis Davis next, with the winner getting the next title shot after Miesha Tate. (With the expectation that Nunes would destroy Davis). But yeah, this fight was awesome, and I couldn't be happier about the fact that Nunes looked like a beast out there. AWESOME win for Amanda Nunes.
TKO (Leg Kick)
      Well shit... Shayna Baszler is one of my favorite "characters" in female fighting, but her career inside the UFC has been a huge disappointment so far. Amanda Nunes pretty much destroyed her with kicks to the leg in the first minute or so of this fight, she rocked her with some hard punches, and a kick to the chest, and then finished it with one last hard leg kick to the knee, causing Baszler to crumble to the ground, wincing in pain. Amanda Nunes is legit, but SHIT I'm disappointed that Baszler went out like that.
TKO (Elbows & Punches)
      This fight was fucking insane! Hands down the best fight of the night. Amanda Nunes looked good in the first round, taking Zingano to the ground, and beating her up for a couple of minutes, but Zingano went for an armbar and nearly snapped that shit, and then started to beat up Nunes. The rest of the fight consisted of Zingano throwing Nunes like a ragdoll, unleashing two DDT's on Nunes, and punching the shit out of her face, throwing brutal knees, going for more submissions, almost breaking her leg a few times. Cat Zingano is fucking DANGEROUS! I love watching her fight, and she's probably my new favorite female fighter at this point. I can't wait to see her fight Rousey! WOOHOO!!!
TKO (Elbows)
      This was a solid female fight. They started out standing (obviously), and Germaine looked like she was going to have quite the reach advantage, she looked super tall & had big thick legs, so I figured she would kick the shit out of Nunes, but Nunes was able to take her to the ground about halfway through the first round, got full mount, and finished the fight with about a minute & a half worth of nonstop elbows. Nice finish for Amanda Nunes!
TKO (Punches & Elbows)
      Here we are with another really solid female fight! Sheila Gaff started out strong, really trying her best to knock out Nunes, and eventually she even took her to the ground, and looked like she might get a rear-naked choke. The problem is, Nunes is way too comfortable on the ground, and she was able to eventually get on top, and pound the shit out of Gaff's face, with hammerfists & elbows, forcing the referee to stop the fight due to strikes. Really solid fight for both girls.
      The first round had D'Alelio taking Nunes to the ground, using quite a bit of energy to secure the takedown, but she was still able to get it. Once they were on the ground, D'Alelio spent a good portion of the round throwing elbows at the thighs of Nunes, which had to add up over the round, she must have landed 50 or so. The second round had D'Alelio taking the fight back down to the ground again, where Nunes tried to look for a submission from her guard, but then she threw an illegal upkick to the face of D'Alelio. They stopped the fight, because of the kick, and then when they started back up, they SHOULD have started back on the ground, but they didn't... sooooo... D'Alelio secured another takedown, almost got caught in a triangle, but worked her way over to the side of Nunes, where she beat her up for the rest of the round. D'Alelio secured a couple more takedowns in the third round, securing all 3 rounds on the scorecards, plus the extra point for the illegal upkick from Nunes. Awesome win for Sarah D'Alelio.
Technical Submission (Rear-Naked Choke)
      Pa'aluhi spent pretty much the entire first round, on the back of Nunes, looking for a rear-naked choke, which makes it really impressive, that somehow, about halfway through the round, Nunes slipped out, got on the back of Pa'aluhi, putting her to sleep with a rear-naked choke. Awesome comeback submission victory for Amanda Nunes.
TKO (Punches)
      Nunes is a badass boxer. She put a hurtin' on Davis's face early in the first round, landing some really nice punch combinations, and swinging violently at her head. Davis clearly wanted to get the fight to the ground, but she sort of failed, even though she was able to sort of control the clinch a little bit, she still got beat up by Nunes in my opinion. The second round had Davis starting with some hard punch combinations, as she worked towards a takedown, and Nunes sort of went for a sloppy flying armbar, allowing Davis to get her on the ground, where Davis was able to sort of bring the fight into her world. It quickly went back to the feet though, where most of the round took place in the clinch, until Nunes unloaded a nice Judo throw, but Davis ended up on top after rolling around for a second, ending in side mount, moving into full mount, and then back mount, and then Davis spent the final minute of the round, punching Nunes in the head, until the referee stopped the fight. Really nice win for Alexis Davis.
KO (Punches)
      BOOM! Nunes makes her Strikeforce debut here, punches Budd in the face, knocks her to the ground, and then hammerfists to the face, until the referee stopped the fight. Nice quick 14 second knockout delivered by Amanda Nunes, against one of the best strikers in the division. Awesome fight, and HUGE win for Nunes.