Submission (Armbar)
      Morales threw a few strikes, and then Barnes aggressively tried to take him down with a wild back clinch, eventually taking him down 90 seconds into the round, pinning him against the fence. Morales setup a triangle choke, but he couldn't get his ankle under his knee, so Barnes was able to pop out of it, and he continued to beat up Morales against the fence. Morales finally locked on a decent triangle with 30 seconds left in the round, but Barnes was able to punch his way out of it. Round one should probably go to Barnes.
     The second round started with Barnes taking Morales down again, he pinned him against the fence, and went right back to beating him up with short punches. Barnes almost locked on a rear-naked choke from sort of a back crucifix position, but couldn't get it, so he just held onto top control, and finished the round dropping punches. Barnes is ahead 20-18 going into the final round.
     Barnes scored another takedown 30 seconds into the final round, he continued to dominate Morales on the ground, he secured back control, punched Morales a lot, they rolled around with Barnes winning all of the exchanges, and then he finished him off with a tight armbar with less than a minute left in the fight. That was a strong performance by James Barnes.
(Guillotine Choke)
     These guys traded a few random strikes, Morales rocked Bermudez in the first 20 seconds, and then Bermudez scored a quick takedown, he mounted Morales, and then Morales swept him 45 seconds into the opening round, and found himself caught inside a tight triangle choke. I thought this fight was over for sure, and then Morales popped his head free a minute later, and then he put some effort into trying to pass Bermudez's guard, but found himself quickly caught back in another triangle choke, followed by an omoplata. Morales rolled out of the omoplata, Bermudez slapped on a guillotine choke, and then used that to secure top control again. Morales threw some hard elbows from his back, while flailing around on the bottom, and then kicked his way back to his feet with 45 seconds left in the round. Morales quickly clinched, and then took Bermudez to the ground near the fence. Morales threw some big hammer fists, and then Bermudez slapped on another wild looking guillotine choke, which he used to sweep Morales. Round one clearly goes to Bermudez based on his submission grappling.
     They traded a few strikes to start the second round, and then Morales took down Bermudez, and settled back inside the dangerous guard of Bermudez. They eventually stood back up, Bermudez locked on a random guillotine choke, took down Morales and finished the fight with the mounted guillotine choke. That was a fantastic UFC debut for Manny Bermudez, as he proved that he has some of the most dangerous submission grappling I've seen at bantamweight. Morales on the other hand, is now on a 3-Fight losing streak, which could mark the end of his UFC career?
      These guys both traded some wild punches & kicks, Morales tried to take Lopez down with a back clinch, but couldn't quite get it, so they reset, Morales hurt Lopez with a big left hand, and then Lopez blasted Morales with a flying knee, they both unloaded with some wild strikes, and then Lopez slapped on a mounted guillotine choke near the fence, but he was just cranking it with one arm, while holding himself up with his other arm. They eventually popped back up, and Morales chased Lopez while throwing bombs at him, and then he clinched with Lopez's back against the fence, all of this just inside the first 2 minutes of the opening round. Morales punched Lopez in the side of the head repeatedly, while still keeping him pressed against the fence, with one of Lopez's wrists trapped down by his hip. Lopez's nose was bleeding by the end of the round. That was a wild round, but I guess I would score it slightly in favor of Albert Morales.
     The second round started off with some nice technical exchanges, and then 2 minutes in, they both started brawling, and it became clear that the brawling favors Lopez a bit. Once they slowed down and switched to being more technical, Morales started to pull ahead a bit. Overall, this has been a really close fight, so that second round could probably go either way, so I'm interested to see how the third round plays out.
     The final round was another round of close competitive striking, but again, I feel like Morales was landing more frequently, and had the better technique, so even though Lopez landed a few wild shots, I'm still going to score this fight 29-28 for Albert Morales. All 3 judges disagreed, giving the unanimous decision victory to Benito Lopez, with one judge even giving him all 3 rounds.
      These guys both came out throwing some crisp punches & kicks. Johns probably landed the harder shots, until Morales kicked him in the dick, but Johns brushed it off, and then shot in for a slick double leg takedown, pressing Morales up against the fence. Morales tried to defend himself with his guard, as Johns dropped a few sharp elbows, and continued to grind him against the fence. Johns sort of went for a can opener with 2 minutes left in the round, but gave that up in favor of dropping some more punches & elbows. The ground & pound from Johns looked & sounded heavy, as he pretty much dominated Morales for most of the first round. Round one clearly goes to Johns.
     The second round started with Johns immediately taking the center of the Octagon. They traded a few strikes, and then Johns shot for another double leg 90 seconds into the round, and he dumped Morales up against the fence again, landing back inside his guard. Johns started chipping away at the face of Morales with some big elbows, while he continued to grind him up against the fence. The rest of the round had Johns driving into Morales like a truck, while chipping away at him with short punches & elbows. Johns is clearly dominating this fight going into the final round.
     These guys traded punches at a fairly even pace to start the third round, and then Johns shot in for another takedown 90 seconds into the round, pressing Morales into the fence, before dumping him to the ground again. Morales gave up his back this time to try to work back to his feet, as Johns continued to pound on him, while he was clearly keeping an eye on rear-naked choke opportunities. The rest of the round was more of what you'd expect, with Johns pinning Morales against the fence, where he chipped away at him with punches & elbows, as he opened a cut on the left eye of Morales. With 90 seconds left in the round, Johns passed to quarter guard, he slapped on an arm-triangle choke, he couldn't quite get the leverage for it since they were too close to the fence, so he gave that up in favor of some more ground & pound to finish out the round. This fight was a clear 30-26 decision for Johns, and all 3 judges agreed, giving him the unanimous decision victory.
     These guys traded a few strikes, with Morales blasting Soukhamthath with a series of really hard leg kicks. Soukhamthath landed a few decent punches, but for the most part, I thought Morales was landing the better shots, so I scored the first round for Morales. The second round was a slightly more even striking match, so Morales took down Soukhamthath 90 seconds into the round, but he wasn't able to hold him down, as Soukhamthath was able to keep his balance against the fence. Morales attempted a deep single leg takedown with 2 minutes left in the round, but Soukhamthath stuffed the shot, and ended up on top in half mount. Morales tried to setup a Kimura from his back, but that didn't work, so Soukhamthath just unloaded on him with some punches while keeping him pinned. Soukhamthath stole that round in the final 2 minutes, so I have this fight all tied up going into the final round.
     They both came out in the final round hunting for jaws, with both guys landing some really hard shots. Soukhamthath changed it up some, and started working over the body of Morales with hard punches & knees. Morales looked exhausted, and they still had 4 minutes left in the round. Soukhamthath shot for a shitty takedown, and Morales stuffed it near the fence, and tried to take Soukhamthath's back. Soukhamthath turtled up against the fence, and Morales unloaded with some punches while riding his back. Morales locked on a rear-naked choke halfway through the round, but Soukhamthath was able to keep his chin free of the hold, so they just hung out near the fence while Morales continued to dig for the choke. The round eventually ended in that same position, with Soukhamthath throwing a lot of hard punches behind his head to connect with the cheek of Morales. Morales probably won that round, but you could argue that Soukhamthath was dealing more damage, even with Morales riding his back. I'll be interested to hear how the judges scored this one, but I have it 29-28 for Morales. The judges were split, which I'm fine with. Two judges gave the win to Morales, for the hard fought split-decision victory.
TKO (Punches)
      This fight started kind of slow, with Almeida throwing some fast counter punches, but neither fighter was very aggressive at the start of the round. Morales started to pick up the pace halfway through the round, but that just gave Almeida more opportunities to chop him up with counters. Almeida rocked Morales with 90 seconds left in the round, he unloaded with a barrage of wild punches, and Morales was forced to shoot for a takedown. Almeida stood up, Morales grabbed his back, slapped on a standing rear-naked choke, but Almeida peeled him off, and then they traded some wild punches at an insane pace. I scored the first round for Almeida, but Morales is definitely making this a fight.
     They traded a few strikes to start the final round, they were both dancing around more than they were fighting, and then Almeida rocked Morales with some big punches, Morales ran away, Almeida unloaded on him with brutal punches, and the referee was forced to stop the fight after Morales took way more damage than necessary. Another great stoppage for Thomas Almeida in his home country of Brazil. I couldn't be happier to see Almeida get back on the winning track.
Decision (Majority)
     These guys came out throwing big punches, and Morales pressured Perez back against the fence with some big combinations inside the first minute of the round. Perez kept throwing leg kicks, and Morales was doing a great job countering with big punch combinations. The right eye of Morales popped open around the halfway mark of the round, I'm not sure what he got hit with, but his cheek was bloody. Morales continued to stalk Perez, while blasting him with heavy leg kicks. Morales had more obvious damage done to his face, but he also basically kicked Perez's ass in that round, so I scored the first round for Morales.
     Both guys continued to trade heavy punches & kicks in the second round, with Morales moving forward for the most part, but Perez was landing some slick counters. They continued to brawl for pretty much the duration of the round, landing a ton of heavy kicks, heavy punches, clean counters, lots of violence. I'm not really sure who I would give that round to, but the referee took a point away from Perez at the end of the round for throwing punches after the bell sounded, but they both were landing shots after the bell of both of the first two rounds, so... I guess Morales is officially ahead on the cards going into the final round.
     The final round started, and they both came out super violently, blasting each other with a million brutal shots, clearly looking to kill each other, Perez knocked down Morales, beat the shit out of him on the ground, they stood back up, continued to brawl, there was a wild scramble, all kinds of crazy shit was happening, Perez was on the ground for a few seconds, Morales ran across the cage and threw a flying knee to the chin, which was super illegal, but the referee ignored it, so Morales grabbed his back, beat him up, they scrambled like maniacs, stood back up, and continued to brawl, with 3 minutes left in the final round. Things slowed down significantly at that point, but they were still trading some heavy punches all the way up until the final bell. That was a fantastic fight, possible fight of the night, tons of illegal shit being thrown, a lot of damage was done, by the end of the fight, Morales looked like a zombie from The Walking Dead, Perez looked fine, but Morales is going to have to win this one based on the way the scorecards work. Morales should have lost a point for that flying knee, which should nullify Perez's lost point. In the end, I would just call this fight 29-28 for Morales, but I have no idea what the judges are going to score it as. One judge gave the fight to Morales, the other two judges scored it a draw, so we're left with a majority draw. I'm giving the victory points to Morales for this one.
TKO (Punches)
Submission (Rear-Naked Choke)
      Gonzalez was hopping around a lot in the first round, picking apart Morales with punches & kicks. Meanwhile, Morales was charging him with massive punches & kicks, throwing wild strikes. Gonzalez went for a takedown from the clinch, but it just resulted in a basic clinch battle, and no takedowns. Morales then blasted Gonzalez with some knees from inside the clinch, bloodied up Gonzalez, and then pinned him against the cage in the clinch, finally taking him to the ground. Morales secured full mount against the cage, and slaughtered Gonzalez with sharp elbows. They stood back up, and Gonzalez went for a takedown, while Morales continued to tear him up from inside the clinch. They went into full on brawl mode during the final seconds of the round. Great opening round for both guys, but Gonzalez basically got his ass beat. Gonzalez had a massive gash above his right eye, which his corner was unable to patch up, so he came out for the second round, with a river of blood running down his face. They continued to trade strikes for the first 2 minutes or so of the round. Morales finally shot for a takedown, pinning Gonzalez by the cage. He continued to batter him with elbows, while Gonzalez tried to move into top position, until Morales grabbed his back, and finished him off with a rear-naked choke. That was an outstanding Bellator debut for Albert Morales, and a solid show of heart by Gonzalez.