100% Reviewed
Top 10 Best Fighters (24 Total):
1. Wilson Reis - 93.2
2. Brett Rogers - 93.1
3. Robbie Lawler - 92.9
4. Joey Villasenor - 92.1
5. Gina Carano - 91.8
6. Scott Smith - 91.5
7. Zach Makovsky - 91.4
8. James Jones - 91.3
9. Carlton Haselrig - 90.9
10. Joe Sampieri - 90.8
EliteXC: Primetime
Location: Newark, New Jersey
Elevation: 13'
-Fight of the Night-
Robbie Lawler vs. Scott Smith
Fighters & Matches 88.3
Top 10 Fighters 91.9
TOTAL 90.1
     Sampieri started this fight with a head kick, followed by a takedown. Groves tried to work for some submissions from his guard, but Sampieri did a good job controlling him from the top. The referee eventually stood them up after half a round on the ground. Sampieri then dropped Groves with a leg kick, followed by a punch, and then he jumped on him, finishing him off with punches, ending the fight with 2 seconds remaining in the first round.
      Soares landed a few punches, and then shot for a takedown 30 seconds into the round, but ended up pulling guard instead. Soares went for the omoplata, and tried to use that to scramble to a top position, but Makovsky was able to shake free. They reset back on their feet 90 seconds into the round. They traded random strikes until the end of the round.
     The second round mostly took place standing, with Makovsky beating up Soares for the most part. It's pretty clear that Soares wants the fight to take place on the ground, and since Makovsky has kept it standing for the most part, I have Makovsky ahead 2-0 going into the final round.
     Soares shot for a desperate takedown to start the final round, and Makovsky easily shrugged it off. Makovsky spent the rest of the round beating up Soares with some decent boxing, while completely controlling the pace of the fight. In the end, I thought Makovsky won this fight 30-27, and all 3 judges agreed, giving the fight to Makovsky via unanimous decision.
(Rear-Naked Choke)
      Jones started this fight with a flying knee, a lot of knees from the clinch, they scrambled around in the clinch, and then Kattar shook free 30 seconds into the round. They traded some strikes, and then Jones scored a takedown 90 seconds into the round, landing in half mount. Kattar swept him, Jones sort of took his back, it looked like he was going to go for an armbar, but he locked on a reverse triangle choke instead. It looked like Jones was maybe going for a Peruvian Necktie, but Kattar was able to stand up to escape. Jones was able to bring the fight to the ground again, he took Kattar's back, and he punched him in the head & body repeatedly, until he opened up for the rear-naked choke, which Jones used to finish the fight by submission with 11 seconds remaining in the opening round. That was a fantastic performance by James Jones.
(Rear-Naked Choke)
      Reis started this fight throwing bombs, and Robbins clinched with him, Reis tried to take him down, Robbins sprawled, and Reis pushed through it, completing the takedown against the cage. Reis moved into side control, and continued to show a pretty clear dominance on the ground with his grappling, moving into full mount just 90 seconds into the fight. Reis went for a triangle choke, transitioned into a tight armbar, Robbins twisted out of it, and right back into a triangle choke. Reis is a beast on the ground. Reis eventually gave that up, and landed some punches to the head of Robbins, as he still had him tied up with his legs. Robbins tried to roll out of trouble, gave up his back, Reis locked on a tight rear-naked choke, and finished the fight via submission just past the 4 minute mark of the first round. Really strong performance by Wilson Reis.
(Butt Scoot)
      The first round had Makowski working some strikes, while Serra kept trying to take him to the ground. Serra beat up Makowski on the ground a little bit 90 seconds into the opening round, and then he took his back in the center of the cage. Makowski was able to exit through the back door, and then he slammed his way out of an armbar attempt. The final 90 seconds were spent on the feet, with Makowski beating up Serra, while Serra kept trying to pull guard. Round one probably goes to Makowski based on being more aggressive overall.
     Serra tried to take the fight to the ground in the second round, but looked exhausted halfway through the round. Meanwhile, Makowski was blasting him with big punches & elbows. Serra tried to pull guard with 90 seconds left in the round, and could barely stand up. The referee warned him for taking too long to stand up. Serra then sat down again, the referee took a point from him, and then just called off the fight, as Serra clearly had nothing left. Congrats to Makowski for a decent win, but this was a pitiful showing for Serra.
(Corner Stoppage)
      Haselrig came out pressuring Moreno to start the first round, he threw a few strikes, and then Haselrig just kind of randomly took Moreno's back, as Moreno turtled up after a failed single leg attempt. Haselrig sort of cranked on an awkward inverted calf slicer or something, and then the referee reset them with 2 minutes left in the round. Haselrig took down Moreno again, beat him up for a while, the referee stood them up late in the round because Moreno was loosing his pants, and then Haselrig took him down again, beat him up a little more, and then Moreno's corner threw in the towel between rounds.
      Liguori nearly took Bova's head off with an early head kick. Bova scored a takedown, Liguori caught him in an armbar, and Bova slammed his way to freedom. Bova worked some ground & pound, and slammed his way out of some more armbars, to secure the first round on the scorecards.
      Liguori came out swinging to start the second round, Bova took him down, attempted a guillotine choke, but Liguori was able to escape, and he ended up on top. Liguori unloaded on Bova, chopping him up, causing the blood to pour out of Bova's face, and the doctor stopped the fight with 30 seconds remaining in the second round.
      This was a sloppy fight, but it was historical none-the-less, since it was the first MMA fight on Primetime Network Television!!! So yeah, anyways... They both came out, sort of clinched a little bit, both threw a few sloppy punches, and Rogers connected with a solid hook, knocking Murphy out, in a somewhat uneventful looking KO. Brett Rogers definitely isn't ready for Kimbo Slice though, so I don't know why he's complaining about not fighting in the Main Event... But eh, whatever... Let's move on to the next fight, ok?
      Now we're starting to pick up the pace a bit! I was looking forward to this fight, because both of these guys are really solid, veteran fighters. Phil Baroni started off the fight with a little more fire than Villasenor, throwing some solid punches, and sort of pressing Villasenor backwards, but it didn't take long for Villasenor to fight back catching Baroni with a solid hook. Once Baroni was rocked, he shot for the takedown, and Villasenor locked on a guillotine choke, but Baroni escaped, just in time to receive a nice combination of punches & a knee, causing the referee to stop the fight, since Baroni was pretty much out of it at that point. Baroni then continued to try to take down the referee (thinking it was Villasenor), meanwhile, Villasenor was already on the other side of the octagon, celebrating his TKO victory.
(Doctor Stoppage)
      This fight was a scrap yo... To be completely honest, I was kind of pulling for Kaitlin Young. I'm tired of Gina Carano showing up to her fights over the allowed weight limit, and still getting to fight, generally dwarfing her competition, and then she beats them up. Kaitlin Young put on a hell of a fight, showed some solid striking skills, and was even able to escape Carano's awkward gogoplata attempt. In the end, Carano still basically beat the shit out of Young, finished the second round with a rear-naked choke, Young was sort of saved by the bell, but once she sat down in her corner, the doctors stopped the fight due to her swollen eye & a cut under her left eye. So yeah, Gina Carano is a bad ass, but I'm still looking forward to the day where she takes this stuff seriously, and actually makes weight.

No Contest
(Thumb in the Eye)
      MAN... This fight started off at a solid pace, both guys throwing GREAT kicks, and GREAT punch combinations. The first round ended with Lawler nearly knocking out Smith, but Smith was basically saved by the bell (as he crumbled into his corner, almost causing the fight to be stopped). The second round was basically more of the same, but Smith opened up with some solid standing elbow strikes, opening up Robbie Lawler's forehead, causing blood to flow down his face. At the end of the second round, it was pretty much tied up on the scorecards. The third round looked like it was going in Lawler's favor, but he accidentally poked Smith's eye, causing the fight to be stopped so the doctors could check Smith's eye, and eventually, they stopped the fight because he couldn't see. That was a disappointing way to end the fight, but it was a fun fight none-the-less. It's ruled a no contest, and Robbie Lawler gets to keep his title.
      This fight was a hell of a brawl, and it pointed out a few important flaws in the world of Kimbo Slice. First off, I've been saying Kimbo deserves to be in the Top 10 Heavyweights for a while, but after watching him STRUGGLE against James Thompson (a guy that is maybe ranked around #30?), really disappointed me, and even though Kimbo fought a war, and came out on top, this fight really hurt Kimbo's legacy in my eyes. He's still good, he's still undefeated, and I'm still looking forward to watching him fight again (especially after he caused Thompson's ear to explode), but if Kimbo WAS in the Top 10, he shouldn't have had to struggle his way through a fight with James Thompson. Still, in the end, Kimbo Slice wins via TKO in the third round.