100% Reviewed
Top 10 Best Fighters (24 Total):
1. Anthony Johnson - 93.9
2. Mairbek Taisumov - 92.9
3. Sam Sicilia - 92.3
4. Makwan Amirkhani - 91.2
5. Nikita Krylov - 91.0
6. Gegard Mousasi - 90.8
7. Kenny Robertson - 90.8
8. Mirsad Bektic - 90.7
9. Albert Tumenov - 90.2
10. Neil Seery - 90.2
UFC on Fox 14: Gustafsson vs. Johnson
Location: Stockholm, Sweden
Elevation: 171'
-Fight of the Night-
Anthony Johnson vs. Alexander Gustafsson
Fighters & Matches 88.6
Top 10 Fighters 91.4
TOTAL 90.0
     This was a pretty decent fight. The first round wasn't very eventful. I gave the second round to Seery due to his submission attempts, and ground control. The third round was kind of close, I was going to give it to Seery, but ended up giving it to Beal, for his ground & pound at the end of the round. In the end, I felt it could have gone either way, but I thought Seery won, and so did all 3 judges.
      This fight wasn't as exciting as I had hoped for. Erokhin looked solid in the first half of the first round, as he was throwing cannonball style punches, trying to knockout Pesta, but Pesta stayed calm, and eventually was able to take Erokhin to the ground. From that point forward, Erokhin was exhausted, and Pesta dominated him with his wrestling. When they were on the ground, nothing was really happening, other than Pesta controlling Erokhin, without actually trying to finish the fight. Both of these guys looked a little bit out of shape (ESPECIALLY Erokhin), which lead to a somewhat boring unanimous decision for Viktor Pesta.
      This was a pretty one-sided ass kicking, with Bektic taking the fight to the ground in all 3 rounds, and just pounding the shit out of Redmond for 15 minutes. By the end of the fight, Redmond had a pretty bad cut on his eyelid, and Bektic looked like a champ. So yeah, great win for Bektic, but not a very competitive fight at all.
      This was an EXTREMELY one-sided ass beating. The first round was a 10-8 round for Taisumov, as he threw Christodoulou around like a ragdoll, and beat the living shit out of him with huge heavy hands, and spinning back kicks, and all kinds of wild shit, just making Christodoulou look like he was getting bullied on the schoolyard or some shit. The second round started, Taisumov threw his opponent to the ground, punched him in the face repeatedly, and knocked him unconscious. Awesome win for Taisumov, against a guy that clearly doesn't belong in the UFC yet.
(Guillotine Choke)
      This was a nice quick fight, and a disappointing return for Nedkov after being away for a couple of years due to an injury. Nedkov shot for a takedown, Krylov sprawled and locked on an anaconda choke, but he tried to roll in the wrong direction, so Nedkov escaped, only to find himself caught in a guillotine choke immediately afterward, forcing Nedkov to submit. Nice first round submission victory for Nikita Krylov.
(Flying Knee & Punches)
      I mean... What is there to say about this fight? Amirkhani made his UFC debut, by launching a flying knee to the body, knocking Ogle backwards, he punched him in the face several times, Ogle looked like he was in trouble, but the referee jumped in way too early, stopping the fight somewhat prematurely. Ogle was rocked hard enough, that when the fight was stopped, he tackled the referee, and clearly didn't know where he was, but at least he was still "defending" himself, so... I don't know. Sucks the fight was stopped early, especially since this makes 4 losses in a row for Andy Ogle, so he COULD potentially get the boot from the UFC after this one, but that would be a pretty shitty controversial way to go, if that's the case.
      This fight started off kind of awkward, with Robertson trying as hard as he possibly could to take Aliev to the ground, but he was barely able to get the Sambo fighter off his feet. Eventually though, about halfway through the first round, Robertson landed a punch that knocked Aliev flat on the ground, and he followed it up with a couple more punches, before the referee was able to stop the fight. Nice KO victory for Kenny Robertson, as he continues his now, 3-Fight winning streak in the UFC.
      This was a very evenly matched fight, where Tumenov was able to show off his boxing & takedown defense, and Musoke landed a few nice kicks to score some points, especially in the earlier rounds. But yeah, in the end, I gave the fight to Tumenov, 29-28, and all 3 judges agreed.
      This was a good fight. I feel kind of bad for Akira though, since he was fighting in his home country, and he got knocked the fuck out. Sicilia just looked like the better, cleaner striker though, eventually about halfway through the first round, he was able to connect with a huge right hand, knocking Corassani to the ground, oblivious to the world. Great win by Sicilia, but this makes 3 losses in a row for Corassani, all by KO / TKO.
      Meh, this fight wasn't very exciting. It was a very close fight, where I probably would have given the decision to Davis, even though I WANTED Bader to win this fight, going into it. So I'm glad Bader won, but really, how do you even score a fight like this? Both guys were hesitant to engage, and whenever they DID engage, it was like they were afraid to let loose, because they didn't want to get hurt by the other guy, so they just cancelled each other out, and it made for a boring fight. So... I guess I FEEL like Bader deserves the next title shot (after the winner of tonight's main event), based on the fact that he's not on a 4-Fight winning streak, but... this fight was awfully boring.

      Oh give me a fucking break... First off, let me just say that I don't want to see Dan Henderson fight anymore, sort of like Chuck Liddell late in his career, I just get a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach when Dan Henderson fights these days. At 44, it's hard to get pumped about his fights. With that being said, his offense was sloppy, and he got clipped by a right hand, Henderson tripped over his own feet, fell backward against the cage, Mousasi landed another punch, the referee freaked out and jumped in to stop the fight, and Henderson was like "What the fuck bro? I'm wide awake, why did you stop it?" And then the crowd got pissed. So yeah, this card so far has kind of sucked. I'm REALLY hoping that the main event lives up to the hype at least. Oh, and did I mention, Dan Henderson is now 1-5 in his last 6 fights? Come on man... Just... Come on...
      Man oh man... Anthony Johnson is fucking scary. This fight was kind of awkward, with Anthony Johnson getting poked in the eye early on (which he's had a bad history with eye injuries due to that same thing), so I was nervous the fight would get stopped due to some bullshit injury. BUT! It didn't, and they kept fighting, and I THOUGHT Johnson landed a headbutt that knocked Gustafsson a bit loopy, but after watching the replay, I THINK it was a big right hand. From that point forward though, Johnson started picking apart Gustafsson with punches & head kicks, and eventually finished him off with some ground & pound from the back mount. Anthony Johnson pretty much destroyed Gustafsson, and now I'm pretty pumped to see him fight Jon Jones.